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Well, this is my first attempt at a webpage, so everything is relatively new. I am now mucking about with Frontpage to see how everything works.

          14th July 2001:-

          I have just seen pictures of what is supposed to be the new Enterprise. They can be found at http://www.stinsv.com

          To me, from some angles, they look seriously like an Akira class.

           Sorry for the lack of updates, but my modem went down. One new wallpaper has been added. One new link added.

          20th June 2001:-

          Babylon 5: Into the fire (The B5 game) has not been picked up.  

          Whether another attempt will happen is unknown as at this time. 

          New wallpaper has been added.


          12th June 2001:-

          Two more wallpapers have been added.

          26th May 2001:-

          Another wallpaper added.

          20th May 2001:-
          Another couple of wallpapers have been added. A new link has been added.
          For ST fans, Scott Bakula has been confirmed as the lead in the new series.  

4th May 2001:-

          Another wallpaper has been added.  

3rd May 2001:-

Three more wallpapers have been added. One new link has also been added

The person who is to appear in the new Babylon-5 film has been reported as Andreas Katsulas, otherwise known as G`Kar.


15th April 2001:-
I have added some new wallpaper. The news below on April 1st is still going ahead.

01st April 2001:-
It`s probably a bad day to post it, but about a week ago, news emerged that Studio 14 had the go ahead to make a tech demo for B5: Into the fire.
I have also updated the link page.

22nd March 2001:-
I have included some Babylon 5/Crusade wallpapers and some links.

Other news which has been bought to my attention is that a new film (and possibly series) is being created in the Babylon 5 universe. From information received, it is to be based on the Rangers and is to feature a "fan favourite character". I will post any more information when I hear about it.

If you are into Star Trek, one rumour shown by UK`s channel 4 is that Scott Bakula of Quantum Leap/Netforce is to be the Captain in the new series

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