These are the Bishops Trancripts for Holme Cultram Parish. Please remember that during this period, the ecclesiastical year was from April to March and may cause you some confusion as to the actual year of the event.

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Baptisms Anno 1689

Mar ? Barbary? of Robert Hodgson of Raby

Apr 7 John of William Osburn of Oldmawbrey

14 Anne of John Glaister of Hartlaw

20 Jane of John Miller of Skinburneese

May 19 Robert of James Parkin

26 Paul of Thomas Bell of Abbey

Jun 9 Mary of Thomas Barn of Wath

16 John of George Tordiffe, Saltey

16 Jane of William Stoddert of Newton Arlosh

Jul 27 John of Robert Wiese of Newtowne

Aug 4 Sarah of Francis Grainger of Southerfield

25 Margaret of William Ritson of Pellothoe

25 Elizabeth of William Brough of Sandenhouse

Oct 3 Thomas of Thomas Barton of Sandenhouse

3 Joseph of Joseph Westray of Swensty

27 John of Richard Hayton of Dry Holme

Nov 10 Joseph of John Mann of Whitehill

10 Elizabeth of William Carmault

17 Gawen & Robert of John Waite of Calseyhead

Dec 8 Joseph of John Winder of Mireside

Jan 2 John of Thomas Glaister of Pellothoe

Feb 9 Charles of John Wilkinson

9 Sarah of John Voake of Southerfield

16 Robert of Robert Wiese, taylor

16 Sarah of Thomas Sealby Bletterliese

23 Sarah of Daniel Fearon

Mar 2 Jane of Thomas Mathewman of Newton Arlosh

16 Hannah of John Poole

23 Thomas of Clement Skelton of Saltcoats

23 Thomas of John Saunderson of Calseyhead


Marriages Anno 1689

Apr ? Michael Barwis & Mary Barwis

15 Joseph Westray & Mary Skelton

25 Robert Wiese & Jane Paipe

May 23 William Carmault & Elizabeth Langcake

28 Jared Atkinson & Ellinor Saul

Jun 6 John Peale & Elizabeth Glaister

15 Patricus Beeby & Jane Chamber with Lycence

Jul 11 Thomas Sandeth & Mary Barne

18 William Dickman & Margaret Auston

18 Thomas Ritson & Jane Huddert

18 John Wilkinson & Jane Twentyman

Aug 14 Robert Langcake & Mary Lightfoote

24 John Barne & Sarah Lightfoote

Nov 7 Robert Sibson & Mary Wiese

Dec 29 Mathew Mann & Anne Peate

Jan 9 John Hayton & Mary Ritson

Feb 27 Robert Lightfoote & Jane Tramel


Burialls Anno 1689

Mar 29 Frances the daughter of John Draipe, miller

Apr 2 Jane Atkinson of Southerfield

12 John Clean of Raby

25 The wife of John Parret of Bletterleese

27 A child of Joseph Wilkinson of Pellothoe

May 3 Jane Watson of Swensty

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Burials 1689 (cont)

May 19 Mary the wife of Robert Sibson of Oldmawbrey

19 Anne Taylor, spinster

17 Arthur Saul's wife of Hartlaw

Jul 13 A child of William Barwis of Tarnes

16 The daughter of Mary Barne of Bletterleese

Aug 12 Thomas Farlam of Swensty

Sep 27 Jannet Browne of Mosside

Oct 11 Mabel Henderson

18 John Biglands of Mosside

26 Hugh Askew of Sevilcoate

26 Margaret the wife of John Lightfoote

Nov 16 Anthony Skelton of Calvo

19 Alice Towlson of Highlaws

Dec 9 John Browne laid upon pish

26 The wife of John Paipe of [blank]

Feb 18 Jane Bill

17 Two sons of John Waite

22 Jeremiah ye son of William Barwis of Tarnes

24 Robert Martin of Newton Arlosh

Mar 11 George Messenger of Skinburneese

15 Elizabeth Rey laid upon pish

17 William Barwis of Hill

23 Rowland Simpson of Highlaws

24 John Chamber of Blackdike



Baptisms Anno Dom 1690

Mar 30 Thomas of Robert Peate of Newton Arlosh

30 Elizabeth of Thomas Sanderson of Newton Arlosh

Apr 6 Elizabeth of John Skelton of Border

13 Mary of John Hewytt of Newton Arlosh

13 Mary of Thomas Waite of Edderside

19 Joshua of Robert Barne & Elizabeth his wife of Kingside

20 Daniel of George Hayton of Bletterleese

27 Anne of Thomas Anderson of Brownerigge

May 4 John of John Tramel of Raby

4 Catherine of John Arkelby of Sevil

11 John of John Tramel of Abbey Cowper

18 Thomas of Thomas Knubley jun of Newton Arlosh

Jun 1 Joseph of John Will of Oldmawbrey

1 Joseph of Joseph Messenger

Jul 6 Robert of Anthony Watson of Newton Arlosh

27 Jonathan of Robert Glaister of Skinburneese

Aug 10 Mary of Robert Langcake of Slightholm

10 Mary of William Wilkinson of Gilbanke

17 Robert of John Barne of Slightholm

17 Daniel of William Biglands of Blackdike late deceased

17 Jane of Anthony Stamper of Pellathoe

24 Daniel of John Hayton of Brownerigge

31 John of Joseph Messenger of Skinburneese

31 John of Jared Atkinson of Newtowne

Sep 6 Joseph of Isaac Wiese

7 Richard of Thomas Skelton of Newton Arlosh

7 Mary of John Ritson of Silleth

26 John of Henry Skelton Jun of Mosside

Oct 23 Anne of Richard Dalton of Swensty

29 Jonathan of William Browne of Mosside

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Baptisms 1690 (cont)

Nov 2 Sarah of Thomas Sandeth of Bletterleese

9 Jonathan of George Willis of Silleth

16 William of Robert Tordiffe of Aldath

23 Mabel of Anthony Wilkinson of Highlaws

Dec 4 Sarah of John Head of Mosside

7 Noah of Robert Wilkinson of Raby

14 Robert of Robert Lightfoote of Abbey Cowper

27 Penelope of George Langcake & Elizabeth his wife

29 Joseph of John Penrise & Frances his wife of Calseyhead

Jan 1 Jane of John Steale of Sevill

11 Isaac of John Mann of Newton Arlosh

15 George of Thomas Jefferson of Swensty

Feb 1 Jonathan of Arthur Parret of Stonyflathead

4 William of Richard Hayton of Dryholme

6 Mary of Hugh Draipe of Silleth

15 Robert of William Barne of Abbey Cowper

17 Mary of Mungo Langcake & Agnes his wife

Mar 2 John of Robert Huddert of Skinburneese

8 Benjamin of John Skelton of Border

10 Isaac of Thomas Postlewhate jun

12 Dorothy of John Smith of Barhouse

14 William of John Barwis of New Cowper


Marriages Anno Dom 1690

Mar 25 George Langcake & Elizabeth Waite

Jun 5 Thomas Langcake & Frances Wise

Jul 3 Richard Farish & Jane Stamper

Oct 9 John Winder & Jane Barwis

Nov 23 John Osburne & Anne Sibson

Jan 15 Hugh Draipe & Mary Waite

Feb 19 Thomas Farlam & Frances Robinson


November 23 1690, Collected for ye Irish Protestants the sum of 11s-0p

December 14 1690, Collected for ye inhabitants of Bishops Lavington in ye county of Wilts who suffered by fire the sum of 2s-8p

December ye 21 1690, Collected for the inhabitants of ye Borough of Southwark in ye County of Surrey the sum of 2s-9p


Burialls Anno Dom 1690

Mar 28 Jane Briscoe widdow in Chancell

Apr 3 William Hodgson of Dryholme

6 John Saul of Hartlaw

20 Margaret a child of Robert Barne of Kingside in Chancell

21 Lillie ye wife of Robert Harrison of Border laid upon pish

May 2 John Asbridge of Southerfield at Brumfield

2 Charles a child of John Wilkinson of Highlaws

4 Isabel Wilson of Blackdike

5 John Waite of Blackdike

5 John ye son of Rowland Saul of Silleth late deceased

17 Jane a child of Thomas Tordiffe of Sandenhouse

25 Mary Jefferson widdow in Chancell

26 George Barne of Hayrigge in ecclesia

29 Mary the daughter of William Smith in Chancell

Jul 13 A child of William Cockton

18 Thomas Ismay of Dryholme in ecclesia

22 Arthur Parret of Stonyflathead

23 Catherine Downe of Highlaws

Aug 13 John Wilkinson jun of Highlaws

14 William Biglands of Blackdike

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Burials 1690 (cont)

Aug 18 A child of Isaac Wise

Sep 1 The wife of John Saul of Wolsty

28 John Wilson of Bletterleese

Oct 19 Jane Grainger of Southerfield in ecclesia

20 Mary Osmotherley of Hornhouse

23 Anne of Richard Dalton of Swensty in ecclesia

31 John Stockdale of Abbey Cowper

Nov 5 Percival Johnstone of Cowper

11 Sarah ye daughter of Thomas Sandeth

14 John Litt of Guddyhills

15 Thomas Barne of Abbey Cowper in Chancell

25 Anne Draipe which was supposed to be drowned

Dec 6 Rachel a daughter of Robert Barne of Calseyhead

14 The wife of Thomas Sealby of Bletterleese in ecclesia

20 Elizabeth Miller of Abbey

Thomas Miller of Skinburneese had no church service

Jan 9 Robert Peatehouse of Silleth

10 Anne Skelton widow of Newton Arlosh in ecclesia

13 Anne Morden of Mawbrey Hayrigge

13 Anthony Langcake of Pellothoe

23 John Wilkinson jun of Sandenhouse

23 Joseph son of William Smith of Saltcoats in ecclesia

25 Richard Thompson of Oldmawbrey

26 Elizabeth the wife of George Willes of Silleth

27 The wife of Robert Hayton of Newtowne

30 Jane Barne of Hayrigge in ecclesia

Feb 2 Mary the wife of John Harinson of Southerfield

1 William Parkin of Southerfield

6 Isabel Willis of Silleth

6 Anthony Wilkinson of Highlaws

6 Isaac Antrobus laid upon parish

6 Mary ye wife of Hugh Draipe of Silleth

7 John Harinson of Southerfield

8 A daughter of John Messenger of Eastcoate

9 Elizabeth Benson of Pellathoe

10 John Penrise of Calseyhead in ecclesia

10 John Miller of New Cowper

12 Richard Chamber of Aldeth

14 Elizabeth Tordiffe widdow of Aldeth

14 Margaret Atkinson of Silleth

20 John Peate of Sandenhouse

21 John Arkelby of Redflatt

21 Dorothy Smith of Southerfield

21 A daughter of John Miller of New Cowper late deceased

22 John ye son of Mungo Brigge of Raby

23 Henry Willis of Silleth

24 Anthony the son of Anthony Skelton of Calvo late deceased

25 Anne Bell laid upon pish

25 A child of Thomas Graham of Brownrigge

Mar 1 Elizabeth Barwis of Lowsey in ecclesia

1 Jannet Wise widdow of Bletterleese

1 A child of John Auston of Brownerigge

2 John Ritson of Silleth

5 John the son of John Waite of Highlaws

11 Luke Parkin of Beckfoote

14 John Hodgson of Sandenhouse. Alias shop-loft, in ecclesia

15 Jannet Waite of Highlaws widdow

16 Gawen of Thomas Key

18 Mabel ye wife of Robert Hewson of Slightholme in ecclesia

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Burials 1690 (cont)

Mar 18 Dorothy the daughter of John Osburne of Newtowne

19 John Hayton of Edderside

23 John Willes of Sandenhouse

24 A daughter of Thomas Key of Raby



Baptisms Anno Dom 1691

Mar 29 Jane of Mathew Man of Calvo

Apr 5? Joseph of John Farlam of Whayrigge

30 Daniel of William Barwis of Tarnes

Jul 20 Jane of William Robinson of Southerfield

Aug 16 Joseph of Richard Huddert of Skinburneese

23 Robert of Robert Peate of Newton Arlosh

Sep 12 Mary of Thomas Barwis of Lowsey

13 Thomas of Francis Penrise of Raby

15 Thomas of Mr William Osmotherley of Hilhouse gent

22 Thomas of Thomas Saunderson of Newton Arlosh

27 Mabel of Thomas Peate of Sandenhouse

27 Martha of Robert Browne of Mireside

Oct 11 Margaret of Thomas Hayton of Brownerigge

11 Anne of Robert Benson of Highlaws

4 Mary of James Benson of Highlaws at Brumfield

Nov 15 Robert of John Hewytt of Silleth

29 James of John Draipe of Parkhouse

Dec 6 Francis of John Auston of Brownerigge

25 Joseph of Richard James of Calvo

26 Jane of James Parkin of Calseyhead

28 Rachel of John Winder of Sevill

Jan 2 John of Thomas Farlam of Newton Arlosh

9 John of John Litt of Guddyhills

10 Ruth of Robert Timperm of Mireside

10 Rebecca of John Roger of Sevill

17 Joseph of John Waite of Newton Arlosh

17 John of William Carmalt

17 Elizabeth of Thomas Waite of Edderside

23 Joseph of Thomas Chamber

30 Moses of William Smith of Saltcoats

30 Sarah of Thomas Langcake of Aldeth

12 Catherine of Joseph Barne of Abbey Cowper, at home

Feb 7 Anthony of Thomas Syme of Wolsty

7 Sarah of Richard Barne of Bletterleese

14 Benjamin of John Man of Sevill

14 Jane of William Ritson of Pellothoe

21 John of Thomas Glaister of Pellothoe

21 Isabella of Robert Parkin of Blackdike

25 Jonathan of John Barne of Slightholme

Mar ? Jane of John Chamber of Pellothoe

20 ..... of John Glaister of Skinburneese


Burialls Anno Dom 1691

Mar 26 Mary the daughter of John Wilkinson, fidler

27 Joseph the son of John Waite of Highlaws

31 Isaac a child of Thomas Postlewhate jun

Apr 2 Anne Brewhouse of Oldmawbrey

3 Edward Farish of Abbey

5 Mary the daughter of Thomas Key

12 Daniel the son of John Willes of Sandenhouse late deceased

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Burials 1691 (cont)

Apr 19 The son of John Harison of Southerfield

May 1 The wife of William Chamber of Crakhill

12 Richard Jackson of Swensty

12 Jane Smith of Brownerigge widdow

19 Mary the daughter of Hugh Draipe of Silleth

30 John Ritson of Swensty

Jun 25 William Chamber of Abbey

Jul 4 Catherine Thompson of Swensty

14 Mary the wife of Richard Rigge of Southerfield

16 Joyce daughter of Robert Wise of Pellothoe

27 A child of Thomas Wills of Oldmawbrey

Aug 3 Margaret the wife of William Tordiffe of Newtowne in ecclesia

13 John Miller of Skinburneese

20 Clement Hayton of Dubmil. Alias Rooks

27 A child of Thomas Glaister

Sep 1 Anne Hewytt of Skinburneese

8 Thomas Postlewhate of Sandenhouse jun

14 Jane Chamber of Abbey, widow

Oct 18 Francis Peate of High House

Nov 7 A child of John Glaister of Wath

28 Robert Barwis of New Cowper

Dec 24 John Wilkinson, fidler

Jan 1 Rachel of John Winder of Sevil

14 John of John Huddert of Skinburneese in ecclesia

23 Margaret of John Ostell of Silleth

27 Mary Paipe of Silleth

28 Thomas Draipe of Wath

Feb 1 A child of John Barne of Hayrigge in ecclesia

4 Moses of William Smith of Saltcoats in ecclesia

8 Jane the daughter of George Willes of Silleth

12 Robert Taylor of Bletterleese

13 Anne Tordiffe of Guddyhills

17 Joseph Jefferson servant to George Jefferson of Calvo

23 William Peatehouse

Mar 3 Jonathan of John Barne of Slightholme

12 William ye son of Robert Glaister of Seadike-end in ecclesia

19 The daughter of Francis Grainger of Southerfield in ecclesia

22 Jane Steale of Sevill, widow



Baptisms Anno Domini 1692 in the Parish of Abbey Holme

Mar 25 Thomas of Wm Drape of High-house

26 Frances of John Hewett of Newton Arlosh

27 Mary of Thomas Sandeth

29 John the son of Wm Tindell of Southerfield

30 Sarah the daughter of George Jefferson of Calvo

Apr 3 John of Richard Osmotherley of Cowyate

19 Wm the son of Joseph Wester of Swinstie

May 1 Daniel the son of Anthony Hayton of Abbey Cowper

15 Thomas the son of John Wilson of Blackdyke

21 Isaac the son of John Winder of Mireside

Jun 5 Joseph the son of Francis Grainger of Souterfield

19 Thomas the son of Mungo Brigg of Rabie

Mary the daughter of John Harrinson of Souterfield

Mary the daughter of Wm Wiley of Long Newton

26 Jane the daughter of John Ritson of Border

Jul 24 Daniel the son of John Man of Newton Arlosh

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Baptisms 1692 (cont)

Jul 28 Frances the daughter of John Waite of Gale

Aug 7 Elizabeth of John Arkelbie of Red Flat

20 John of John Wise of Aldeth

28 Catherine ye daughter of Robt Barne of Blencogo in the parish of Broomfield

Sep 11 Jennet the daughter of Robert Peat of Raby

Oct 16 Robert the son of Thomas Anderson of Brownrigg

Nov 20 Mary the daughter of John Taylor of Lees

Dec 11 Mary the daughter of John Temell of Syleth

25 Joseph the son of Robert Lightfoot of Abbey Cowper

Jan 15 Ann the daughter of George Hayton, Souterfield

Feb 5 Frances the daughter of Thomas Barwiss of Lowsey

12 John the son of Robert Wise of Whinclose

26 Timothy the son of Thomas Peat of Saltcoats

John the son of Wm Cockton of Swinstie

Mar 5 Joseph the son of Arthur Parret of Calsey Head


Witness my hand Tho. Fothergill, Parish Clark in absentia Sacerdotii

Marriages Anno Dom 1692 in the aforesd Parish

May 19 John Stamp and Mary Wise

Jun 23 John Tramel and Ann Drape

Jul 12 John Wise and Ann Huddert

21 Robert Chamber and Mabel Langcake

Aug 4 John Tordiffe and Frances Langcake

16 Clemett Smith and Mary Osburne

Nov 3 Mr Joseph Parker of Carlisle & Mrs Catharine Chamber of Raby Coat with License

29 John Ritson & Sisley Shane

30 Thomas Pearson & Ann Benson

Jan 19 John Rea & Jennet Parkin


Collections in the abovesd year

Mar 27 Collected for the inhabitants of Thirsk in the North Riding of York (who suffered by fire) the sum of two shillings nine pence

Oct 12 Collected the sum of nine shillings one penny for the captives in Algiers also? in ye Dominion of Fez & Morocco

Dec 18 Collected the sum of one shilling five pence for the sufferers by fire in Ledbury in the County of Hereford

Dec 13 Collected the sum of one shilling five pence halfpenny for the sufferers by fire in Chagford

Jan 15 Collected the sum of one shilling sixpence for the sufferers by fire in Druridge, Widrington & Chilburne in ye County of Northumberland

Jan 29 Collected the sum of one shilling three pence halfpenny for the sufferers by fire in Havant in the County of Northampton

Mar 5 Collected the sum of three shillings two pence for the sufferers by casualities at sea


Burialls Anno Dom 1692 in the parish of Holme Cultram

Mar 28 Elizabeth Chalaner of Aldeth

Apr 1 John Stockdale of Sandenhouse

4 A daughter of John Hewett of Syleth

8 Thomas of Wm Drape of High-house

8 Margaret Shepherd of Mosside

May 3 Robert Wise of the Abbey

4 Richard Lightfoot of Newtowne in ecclesia

7 John Spence of Civill

9 Mabbel Lowther of Souterfield

10 Ellenor Atkinson of Newtowne

Jun 1 Daniel Hayton of Abbey Cowper

Jul 3 John Peat of High-house

7 Christopher Ritson of Swinstie

18 Robert Wise of Pellothoe

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Burials 1692 (cont)

Jul 28 Mary Parrat of Calsey Head

Aug 6 Wm Hayton of Edderside

8 Jennet Drape widdow

16 George Salkeld of Abbey Cowper, gent, in Chancel

Sep 4 Bridget Uriell of the Abbey in ecclesia

5 John Watson of Newton Arlosh

Oct 1 Jane Chamber of Newton Arlosh

Nov 3 John Winder of Civil

16 Elizabeth Drape of Wath

28 Jennet Wait of Aldeth

Dec 24 Wilfride Rigg of Southerfield

29 Jane Beby of Abbey in Chancel

31 The wife of John Atkinson of Old Mowborrow

Jan 9 Joseph Granger of Southerfield in ecclesia

9 Robert Wise of Old Mowborrow in ecclesia

14 A child of Thomas Tordiffe of Sandenhouse

25 Jane of Wm Porter of Civil

Feb 1 Mabbel Cockton of Mosside

1 Margaret Saul of Syleth

3 Henry Skelton of Mosside

6 John Sealby of Lees in ecclesia

9 Jennet Skelton of Mosside

12 Widdow Willis of Sylleth

14 Robert Kirk of the Abbey

19 The wife of George Watson of Sylleth

24 Joseph Barwiss of New Cowper

28 John Farish of Broompark

Mar 6 Thomas Barwiss of New Cowper

7 Mary Tindell of Southerfield



Baptisms Anno Dom 1693

Mar 26 Wm of Rich Barwiss of Highlaws

Apr 9 Mary of John Wilson of Tarnes

9 Sarah the daughter of Wm Barwiss of Tarnes

30 Joseph the son of Thomas Barne of Border

30 Elizabeth the daughter of William Barne of Abbey Cowper

30 Ellenor the daughter of John Johnston of New Cowper

May 7 Robert of Robert Paipe of Calvo

7 Jane of John Plasket of Swinstie

7 Sarah of John Robinson of Souterfield

Jun 11 Japhet of John Winder of Civil

25 A daughter of John Osburn of Mowburrow

Jul 9 George the son of a traveller

16 Thomas the son of Joseph Messenger of Syleth

16 Mary the daughter of John Steel of Blackdike

Aug 20 Sarah of Wm Brown of Mosside

Sep 3 Anthony of Matthew Man of Calvo

10 Wm of Wm Drape of Rabie

24 Francis of Robert Wise of Pellothoe

Oct 29 Izabell of Gerrard Atkinson of Newtowne

Nov 19 James & Tho. of James Benson of Highlaws

Dec 17 Benjamin of Robert Brown of Mireside

19 Frances of Mr Wm Uriell of the Abbey

24 A child of John Tordiffe of Plasket Lands

Jan 7 Wilfride of Richard Rigg of Souterfield

18 John of Wm Drape of Sandenhouse

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Baptisms 1693 (cont)

Jan 27 Mary of Wid. Barwiss of Cowper

28 Joseph of Wm Carmalt of Pellothoe

Feb 3 A son of Wm Ritson of Pellothoe


Weddings Anno Dom 1693

Jun 11 Gerrard Atkinson and Ann Willson

27 George Stoddart and Jane Waite

Aug 3 William Drape and Elizabeth Chamber

3 William Barwis and Ann Parkin

Sep 17 Richard Barwiss and Mary Winder

Oct 12 Wm Thompson and Mary Barne

Nov 29 Thomas Drape and Mary Barne

Dec 23 Antho. Barne and Mary Skelton

29 Simon Harrison and Eunice Skelton

29 Wm Porter and Jannet Mathewman

Jan 4 Robt Barne and Jane Taylor

Jan 11 Nicholas Langcake and Ruth Wise


Burials Anno Dom 1693

Mar 27 John Henderson of Border

Apr 6 A daughter of Robt Parkin of Blackdyke

14 Francis Langcake of Raby

19 Willm Tindell of Cevill

20 A son of Willm Dickman of Moss-side

28 John Wise of Whinclose

29 Widdow Purdin of Silleth

30 Simon Fell of Aldeth

May 8 George Jefferson of Calvo in ecclesia

Jun 24 John Barwise of New Cowper

Jul 29 Barne of Lees

30 Dorothy Holliday of Souterfield

Aug 1 Wllm Tindell of Cevill

Sep 1 Robt Peate of Kingside

6 An Barwise of Plasketlands

12 Joseph of John Wise, Civell

15 Isabell the wife of Thom. Syme of Wolsty

16 Richard Wilkinson of Highlaws

20 Mary Parkin of Plasketlands

22 Francis Parkin of Plasketlands

23 Mabell Skelton of Swinsty

Oct 4 Tho. Bell of Souterfield in ecclesia

6 A son of Widdow Glaister of Wath

9 Joseph & Jonathan of Wm Browne of Mosside

12 Isabell ye daughter of Willm Osburne of Malbrough

15 John of Wm Smith of Saltcoates in ecclesia

22 Richd Allonby

Thomas Wilkinson of Gilbanke

23 The wife of Thomas Jefferay of Skinburnees

27 Jane Cockton of Mosside

31 Arthur Watmon of Newton

Nov 6 A daughter of John Robinson of Malbrough

17 A child of John Stamper of Malbrough

20 James ye son of James Benson of Highlaws

Dec 14 Thomas Sealby of Slees in ecclesia

17 Robt ye son of Robt Paipe of Calvo

29 Mary Stagg of Abbey

Jan 2 The wife of Thom. Penrise of Newton

14 Elizabeth Stockdell of Abbey Cowper

18 Mary ye daughter of Widdow Rittson of Silleth

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Burials 1693 (cont)

Jan 20 Mary ye daughter of Joh Penris of Calsey Hed in ecclesia

21 John ye son of Wm Draipe of Sandenhouse

19 Richd Osmother of Cowyett

28 A childe of Widd Barwise of Cowper

28 John of James Benson of Highlawes

29 A child of Antho. Hayton of Abbey Cowper

31 Ruth ye daughter of Robt Browne of Mireside

Feb 1 A child of Antho. Stamper of Pellatho

4 Ellenor Cogton of Sandenhouse

5 Mary Harrison of Raby

7 Nathaniell Steel of Mire Side

28 John ye son of Robt Sibson of Pellatho

Mar 1 Isabell Atkinson of Newtowne

5 Cha Chamber of Aldath

14 A child of John Johnston of Cowper

15 The wife of [blank] Tordiffe of Goodyhills





A true copy of ye Register book of ye Parish of Holme Cultram containing all ye Baptisms, Marriages & Burials happening in ye aforesd Parish Anno Domini 1694

Baptisms 1694

Apr 8 John of Tho. Dinn of Whitehill

15 Esther of Anthony Hayton of Abbey Cowper

15 Bridget of Jo. Waite of Highlaws

May 20 John of Tho. Tordiff of Sandenhouse

20 Mungo of Mungo Langcake of Abbey

27 Isaac of James Parkin of Sivel

Jun 3 Ann of John Messenger of Old-mawbrey

17 Ruth of Geo. Hayton of Souterfield

28 John of Jo. Wiese of Whindyke

30 Willm of Tho. Langcake of Aldoth

Jul 8 Willm of Tho. Glaister of Pellathoe

22 Tho. & Martha of Wm Taylor of Skinburnees

Aug 5 John of John Draipe of Souterfield

5 John of Robt Benson of Highlaws

12 Joseph of Rich Winder of Pellathoe

12 Martha of Robt Timperan of Mireside

19 John of Willm Thompson of Oldmawbrey

19 Agnes of Rich Osmotherley of Newtown

Sep 2 Frances of Robt Ross of Wharigg in the parish of Bramfield

9 The supposed of Geo. Messenger & Ann Tramell

12 Joseph of Robt Wiese of Whinclose

20 Jane of Tho. Draipe of Sandenhouse

Oct 7 Mary of Wm Tindell of Souterfield

21 Mary of John Stamper of Aldoth

21 Mary of Tho. Huggon of Raby

21 Mary of Jo. Voak of Souterfiled

27 John of John Glaister of Hartlaw

27 Hen. of Geo. Willis of Silleth

Nov 4 Joseph of Fretchell Benson of Newton Arlosh

4 Tho. of Nicholas Langcake of Pellathoe

25 Mary of Jo. Rodger of Sivel

Dec 9 Mary of Willm Draipe of Aldoth

23 Rich. of Jo. Wilson of Blackdyke

23 Joseph of Robt Hodgson of Raby

24 Mary of John Waite of Eastcoate

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Baptisms 1694 (cont)

Dec 25 Martha of Jo. Ostell of Silleth

Jan 1 Dan. of John Winder of Mireside

1 Mary of Gerrard Atkinson of Newtown

13 Joseph of Robt Barne of Blackdyke

20 Edward of Edward Brown of Mosside

20 Ruth of Peter Devis of Mireside

27 Mary of Rich Barne of Lees

Feb 10 Mary of Robt Paipe of Calvo

14 Jonathan of Hen. Skelton of Mosside

17 Sarah of Fran. Grainger of Souterfield

17 Ruth of Daniel Hayton of Calvo

Mar 3 Frances of Jo. Johnston of New Cowper

3 Mary of Joseph Barne of Abbey Cowper

10 Martha of Tho. Anderson of Brownrigg

10 Jane of Edward Robinson of Wharigg in ye parish of Bramfield

10 Rebecca of John Skelton of Border

10 Mary of Tho. Terin of Blencogoe in ye pish of Bramfield

12 Joseph & Mary of Tho. Key of Raby

13 Mary of Tho. Messenger of Wharigg in ye pish of Bramfield

16 Willm of Willm Osbourn of Oldmawbrey

16 Sarah of Tho. Waite of Edderside


Marriages An. 1694

May 29 Robt Farish & Jane Bowes

Jul 3 Richard Winder & Jane Blackbourn

14 Dan. Hayton & Jane Jefferson with Lycence

26 Hugh Draipe & Ann Miller

Nov 22 John Knubley & Catherine Backhouse

27 John Smith & Fran. Barwis

Jan 16 John Drewrie & Eliz. Peate

20 Tho. Donalt & Catherine Dickman

22 Joseph Wilkinson & Eliz. Hayton


Burials 1694

Apr 22 Illiner Messenger of Silleth

27 Robt Osmotherley of Newtown

May 18 Anthony Peat of Sivel

20 Willm Langcake of Pellathoe

29 Dorathy Simm of Edderside in Chancel

Jun 1 John Langcake of Pellathoe

26 Tho. ye son of Wm Tordiff of Blackdyke in ecclesia

Jul 21 Mary Langcake of Whinclose

23 Ann Messenger of Tarns

28 A son of John Saunderson of Calseyhead

Aug 12 Josh a son of Robt Glaister of Sea-dyke-end in ecclesia

12 John Cockton of Raby

22 The wife of John Benson of Highlaws

Sep 5 The wife of Tho. Hayton of Calseyhead

Oct 4 Ann Pooly of Mosside

20 The wife of Antho. Man of Redflat

25 Wm Draipe of Calvo

Nov 8 Tho. of Geo. Messenger & Ann Tramell

11 John ye son of Jo. Peate of Kingside

25 A child of Anthony Hayton of Abbey Cowper

Jan 9 The wife of Mark Todd of Cowfell

17 Heugh Langcake of Highlaws

19 Joseph Skelton of Newton Arlosh

20 Widd. Asbrigg of Swinstie


Page 58

Burials 1694 (cont)

Feb 24 Francis Stamper of Bogg

Mar 15 Tho. of Tho. Peate of Sandenhouse


Collections Anno 94

Collected in October for ye reiefe of ye French Protestants who were exiled out of their native country, the sum of 8s-7p wch was given in to ye Minister October ye 25

March ye 24, collected for ye inhabitants of Warwick (who suffered great losses by fire) ye sum of 3s-1p


Peter Farish, clerk ibdm



Baptismes, Nuptiae & Funera in Parochia de Holme Cultram Anno Dom 1695

Baptismata 1695

Margretta Johnis Trammell

Moses Richdi James

Maria Josephi Westrey

Frances Nich Barwis

Jonath. Thom Sandeth

Rob. Guliel. Thomlinson

David Johnis Draipe

Frances Guliel. Wieley

Petrus Johnis Arkelby

Johnes Matt. Mann

Ruth Guliel. Smith

Anna Johnis Harryson

Magdalen Johnis Watman

Martha Jacobi Benson

Maria Johnis Osbourn

Johnes Georgii Langcake

Anth. Thom. Penrise

Thomas Richardi Huddert

Maria Tho. Stoddert

Anna Thom. Barwiss

Frances Rich. Barwiss

Josephus Joseph Langcake

Anna Guliel. Wilkinson

Bridgetta Johnis Hewit

Robertus Antho. Watson

Maria Johnis Taylor

Tamar Johnis Winder

Johnes Johnis Smithson

Maria Guliel. Robinson

Anna Georgii Bell

Sara Johnis Barwis

Sara Roberti Lightfoot

Jana Roberti Parkin

Maria Johnis Hewson

Josephus Georgii Hayton

Ruth Guliel. Ritson

Josephus Guliel. Thompson

Martin Roberti Parkin

Ester Robti Chambers

Ester Johnis Waite

Jana Johnis Wilkinson

Maria Guliel. Brown

Jana Nich. Langcake

Page 59

Baptisms 1695 (cont)

Daniel Isaaci Harryson

Robertus Johnis Karther


Nuptiae 1695

Johnes Askew & Elizabet Tyndall

Johnes Hewson & Frances Penrise

Johnes Wilkinson & Martha Wiese

Johnes Taylor & Maria Backhouse

Johnes Langcake & Jana Waite

Johnes Karther & Eliz. Postlethwhaite

Georgius Pott & Anna Askew

Gulielmus Barwis & Jana Parkin

Isaacus Harryson & Anna Cowen

Rich. Saul & Ann Osmotherley

Thomas Tordiff & Maria Parkin

Johnes Barne Maria Knubley

Thomas Gasegill & Eliz. Paipe

Johnes Hayton & Eliz. Lowder


Funera 1695

Robertus Hewson

Josephus (puer) Thom. Key

Thomas (puer) Jacobi Benson

Margretta (uxor) Guliel. Barne

Eliz., filia Caroli Peirson, caeci mendici

Eliz. Kirk

Thomas (puer) Nich Langcake

Eliz. Peat vidua

Petrus (puer) Johnis Arkleby

Gulielmus Tindell

Ellin. Litt vidua

Ellin. Waite

Johnes Key

Gulielmus Miller

Johnes Shannon, mendicus

Daniel (puer) Guliel. Ritson

Frances Langcake (vidua)

Maria (uxor) Mich. Barwis

Isabella Voake (vidua)

Anna (infans) Georgii Bell

Sara (fil) Thomae Waite

Johnes Taylor

Jana Peat (vidua)

Filia Roberti Glaister

Johnes Kirkbride

Gulielmus Uriell

Gulielmus Wilkinson

Margretta Henderson

Josephus (filius) Rich. Rigg

Jana Miller

Robertus Kirkhaugh


Vera cop e registro de Holme Cultra per me Ja. Farish per proch ibid

Old Churchwardens: Edward Auston, John Sym, Edward Brown. Robert Sealby

New Churchwardens: Joseph Parkin, John Huddert, John Barwis, John Hewet

We present John Wate & Ann Hewet for Adultery [This has been crossed out]

We present George Gash for teaching school without Lycence.




Page 60 1696/7

Holme Cultram Anno Dom 1696


Nomina Baptismatu 1696

Martha of Jo. Trammel of Lees

Ann of John Tordiff of Guddyhills

Mary of Tho. Benson of Highlaws

Dan. of Rob. Wiese of Pellathoe

Ann of Tho. Skelton of Grange

Dorothy of Will. Uriell of Abbey

Hannah of Rob. Brown of Myreside

Tho. of John Barne of Hayerigge

Rob. of Rob. Watman of Newton Arlosh

Joshua of Will. Carmalt of Pellathoe

Susanna of Tho. Chamber of Pellathoe

Margret of Antho. Stamper of Pellathoe

Mary of Joseph Wilkinson of Highlaws

John of Jos. Messenger of Skinburnees

Will. of Tho. Willyson of Dubmill

Mary of Heugh Draipe of Sillith

Ann of Will. Williamson, a treveller

Margret of Will. Porter of Sevil

John of John Arcleby of Redflat

Margret of Tho. Sanderson of Newton Arlosh

Rich. of James Parkin of Sivil

Rob. of Ger. Atkinson of Newtown

Jo. of Jo. Barne of Slightholme

Ruth of Anth. Hayton of Dry-holme

Jo. of John Steal of Blackdyke

Tho. & Samuel of Edw. Key of Abbey

Jon. of John Hewson of Newton Arlosh

Mary of John Wiese of Sevil

Mary of Rob. Benson of Sandenhouse

Jer. of Rob. Barne of Blackdyke

Ann of Tho. Waite of Edderside

John of Tho. Knubley of Newton Arlosh

Geo. of James Johnston, a traveller

Sarah of Rob. Glaister of Skinburnees

Rob. of John Litt of Guddyhills

Rob. of Arth. Peat of Calseyhead

Rob. of John Plaskett of Wedholme

Mary of Rob. Wiese of Whinclose

John of John Hayton of Lees

Martha of Tho. Farlam of Newton Arlosh

John of Will. Litt of Kingside

Jane of John Waite of Newton Arlosh

Will. of Rob. Benson of Highlaws

Will. of Will. Rosse of Kelsike

Jane of Will. Draipe of Aldoth

Jane of Jo. Glaister of Hartlaw

Tho. of Tho. Skelton of Newton Arlosh

Jane of Rob. Paipe of Calvo


Matrimonia 1696

Jo. Messinger & Fr. Penrise

Anth. Hayton & Mabell Parrat

John Paipe & Ann Tordiff

Tho. Carter & Mary Osbourn

Arth. Peat & Mary Askew

Page 61

Marriages 1696 (cont)

Edw Key & Elizabeth Martin

Will. Litt & Bridget Furnace

Will. Barne & Florence Chamber

Tho. Langcake & Ann Tra....

Jos. Hayton & Mary Briscoe

Rob. Taylor & Mary Key


Nomina Funerum 1696

Will. of William Smith of Saltcoats

Mabell Draipe of Calvo

Lilia Huggon of Raby

Rob. Benson of Highlaws

Mabell Langcake of Kingside

Ann Hayton of Dryholme

Susanna of Tho. Chambers of Pellathoe

Isaac Barne of Lees

Fr. the wife of Rob. Beeby of Mawbrew

John Glaister of Wath

Eliz. of Joseph Williamson of Border

Wid. Downe of Highlaws

Jos. of Rob. Hodgson of Raby

Rich. Rigge of Souterfield

Ann Messinger of Saltoe

Will. Huddert of Drybottom

Jane of Jo. Draipe of Sillith

Sam. of Edw. Key of Abbey

The wife of Tho. Paipe of Saltcoats

Jan. of Rob. Skelton of Highhouse

Mary of Rob. Paipe of Calvo

John? of Tho. Waite of Edderside

Jane Wilson of Raby

Rob. of Ger. Atkinson of Newtown

Mabell Osbourn of Guddyhills

Jo. Waite of Wath

Jane Draipe of Sillith

Ann of Rich. James of Calvo

Jane Penrise of Raby

Jer. of Rob. Barne of Blackdyke

Isabell wife of John Draipe of Skinburnees

Ruth of Arth. Hayton of Dryholme

John of John Hayton of Lees

John Paipe

Mary wife of Jo. Wiese of Sevil

David of Jo. Draipe of Skinburnees

Sarah Smith of Saltcoats

Jan. wife of Edw. Watson of Mosside

The wife of John Waite of Eastcoats

Japheth of Jo. Winder of Sevil

Mar. Paipe of Calvo


The names of the old Churchwardens: Joseph Parkin, John Barwis, John Huddert, John Hewitt

The names of the new Churchwardens: Mark Farlam, Will. Thompson, Will. Briscoe jun, Thomas Huggon



Page 62 1697/8 (& part of 1698/9)


Holme Cultram Nomina Baptismatum, Funerum & Matrimoniorum Anno Dom 1697

Baptisms 1697

May 2 Jonath. of John Peat of Sandenhouse

8 Mary of John Wilson of Blackdyke

12 Mary of Edward Brown of Mossyde

Jun 9 Mary of Joseph Johnston of Cowper

13 Isaac of William Sym of Highlawes

20 Jane of William Folder of Newton Arlosh

Aug 15 Richard of John Brown of Newton Arlosh

22 Sarah of Richard Rigge of Souterfield

29 Priscilla of John Ostell of Sillith

Sep 19 Joseph of Matthew Man of Calvo

19 Ann of John Farlam of Sivil

Oct 3 Daniel of Daniel Hayton of Calvo

3 Mary of John Arkleby of Redflatt

3 Mary of John Cartmall of Sandenhouse

30 Sarah of Thomas Tordiff of Aldoth

Nov 20 Elizabeth of Mr James Kynneir

20 John of John Stamper of Bogge

Dec 4 Mary of Thomas Langcake of Raby

7 Joseph of George Willis of Sillith

12 Francis of John Taylor

12 Sarah of Thomas Anderson of Brownrigge

19 Eliz. of Tho. Draipe of Sandenhouse

19 Mary of Joseph Hayton of Edderside

26 Mary of Tho. Langcake of Aldoth

Jan 2 Mary of Joseph Rawling

9 Mary of Francis Grainger of Souterfield

16 Eliz. of John Waite of Highlawes

30 Jane of John Winder of Miresyde

30 Tamar of Thomas Waite of Eddersyde

Feb 4 [blank] of Isaac Harrinson

7 Isabell of John Johnston of Cowper

7 Antho. of Thomas Benson of Dryholme

16 John of Joseph Messinger of Kelsyke

20 Joseph of Anth. Hayton of Dryholme

20 Rachel of Thomas Chamber of Pellathoe

24 Mary of John Watson of Kelsyke

27 Joseph of Joseph Barne of Abbey Cowper

27 Hannah of Rich. Barne of Lees

Mar 13 Thomas of William Ritson of Pellathoe

13 Margrett of Will.Thompson of .....

20 Robert of Robert Barne of Blackdyke

20 Jane of Gerrard Atkinson of Newtown

21 Frances of Robert Skelton of Raby

Baptisms 1698

Mar 27 Japhat of John Wilkinson of Eelchist?

Apr 4 [blank] of Robert Taylor of Lees

20 Eliz. & Jane of Rich. Barne of Sivil

25 Jonath. of William Smith of Saltcoats

May 4 Jos. & Benjamin of George Langcake

14 Tho. of Daniel Taylor, paup

15 Jane of Thomas Tordiff of Sandenhouse

29 John of John Taylor of Cowper

Jun 3 Mary of John Smithson of Souterfield

Page 63

Nomina Matrimoniorum 1697

May 23 George Fell & Elizabeth Hayton

Jun 17 Thomas Langcake & Mary Langcake

22 Mr James Kynneir & Elizabeth Threlkeld

Jul 8 John Miller & Jane Atkinson

15 Mr Robert Harrinson & Elizabeth Peirson

Sep 12 Joseph Tod & Catherine Knubley

16 John Cockton & Eliz. Penrise

Nov 4 James Bell & Frances Waite

25 William Sym & Ann Wiese

Jan 20 Clement Skelton & Jane Watson

Mar 13 Henry Steal & Jane Jefferson

Marriages 1698

Apr 28 John Hewson & Ruth Waite

May 3 John Waite & Jane Parrat

3 John Holliday & Mary Harrinson

5 John Farish & Elizabeth Backhouse

12 Thomas Wilkinson & Mary Glaister


Nomina Funerum 1697

May 1 John Hayton of Mawbrow-hayrigge

2 Thomas Sym of Edderside

9 Wife of Tho. Skelton of Newton Arlosh

16 Wife of Tho. Collin of Sivil

Jun 4 Robt son of John Plasket

7 Thomas Messinger

7 Jane Reah of Calseyhead

8 Joseph Grainger

16 Wife of Robert Waite of Lees

19 Wife of John Wilson of Blackdyke

29 Ellinor Peate

Jul 3 Ruth of Robert Tymperon

21 [blank] of Robert Tymperon

22 John Plasket

23 Jane Barne of Aldoth

26 John of John Winder of Myresyde

28 Mary of Edw. Brown of Mossyde

28 John of William Cockton

Aug 22 Joseph Winder

25 Fr. of Joseph Barne of Abbey Cowper

Sep 11 Thomas Jefferey of Skinburnees [This has been crossed through]

11 Tho. of Francis Penrise of Raby

16 Ann Wilkinson, widdow

18 Mary of Jo. Chamber of Newton Arlosh

19 Thomas Waite of Kingside

21 Isaac of John Harrinson of Souterfield

22 Wife of Will. Hayton of Newtown

24 Wife of Will. Williamson of Dubmill

27 Robert Parkin of Highlawes

Oct 7 John Parkin jun of Border

7 Robt son of Arthur Peate of Calseyhead

12 Ann Peate

22 Wife of Robt Brewhouse of Old Mawbrow

25 Hugh Paipe of Hartlaw

Nov 19 John Smith of Barhouse

23 Eliz. of Mr James Kynneir

27 Mary of John Arkleby of Redflatt

30 John Parrat of Lees

Dec 4 Wife of Edw. Brown of Mosside

7 Robert Benson of Highlawes

Page 64

Burials 1697 (cont)

Dec 9 John Parke (alias Wilson) pauper

12 Robert Paipe of Saltcoats

22 Mary Hayton of Edderside

27 Wife of Robert Sibson of Pellathoe

Jan 12 William Brough of Abbey

16 Wife of Robert Wise of Pellathoe

18 John Barwis of Foulsyke

21 Wife of Nathaniel Barton of Abbey

Feb 1 Richard Barne of Close

4 Wife of Mr James Kynneir

17 Robert Read

19 Richard Draipe of Skinburnees

24 John Parkin of Border

24 Mary of Tho. Benson of Dryholme

25 Mary Ritson of Lees

26 Ann Wright of Applegarth

27 Wife of John Parkin of Border

Mar 3 Wife of John Barwis of Foulsyke

7 John Benson of Highlawes

10 Richard James sen of Calvo

10 Eliz. of Tho Draipe of Sandenhouse

Burials 1698

Mar 30 Ann Ritson of Pellathoe

Apr 13 Tho. Langcake of Foulsyke

May 6 Benjamin of Geo. Langcake of Saltcoats

7 Joseph of Geo. Langcake of Saltcoats

10 John Drewry of Kingside

17 Hannah of Robt Anderson of Brownrigge

20 Wife of Will. Dickman of Mossyde

24 William of Michaell Barwis

24 Joseph of George Willis

Jun 3 Wife of Thomas Anderson of Brownrigge





[No records apart from those for March-June 1698 contained in the year 1697-98 above]



1699/1700 (& part 1700/1701)


A true coppy of the Register of all the Baptisms, Marriages & Burialls that have happened in this Parish of Holm Cultram since the last Chapiter-Court Anno Dom 1699

Baptisms 1699

Jun 4 Margaret of John Barne of Hayrigg

11 Hannah of Joseph Messinger of Skinburnees

15 A child of George Willies of Calvo

15 John of John Waite of Higlaws

18 Sam. of Joseph Langcake of Mawbrow

18 Mary of George Langcake of Saltcoates

24 George of Mrs Uriell of Barhouse

Jul 23 Martha of Wm Wilkinson of Pellathoe

24 Anne of Thomas Draipe of Sandenhouse

Aug 13 William of John Tordiff of Goodyhills

Sep 3 Elin. of Fr. Wilson of Kingside

15 Martha of Thomas Wilkinson of Wath

Oct 8 Joseph of Will. Draipe of Aldoth

28 Ellinor of James Bell of Swinstie

Page 65

Baptisms 1699 (cont)

Nov 9 Hannah of John Auston of Parkhouse

22 Jonathan of Robert Paipe of Calvo

Dec 3 Joseph of John Barwis of Foulsyke

6 Susannah of John Harrison of Raby

7 Mary of John Glaister of Hartlaw

17 John of John Ritson of Bletterlees

17 Martha of John Wiese of Sivill

28 John of Robert Wiese of Whinclose

31 Jane (supposed) of John Watman

31 Stephen of Richard Winder of Kingside

Jan 7 Mary of Rich. Langcake of Pellathoe

14 John of John Brown of Newton Arlosh

21 John of George Hayton of Wolstie

26 Thomas of John Wilkinson of Eelchist

Feb 1 Robert of Robert Benson of Sandenhouse

2 John of Joseph Rawling of Abbey

10 John of Thomas Peat of High-house

18 Thomas of John Hayton of Mawbrow

18 Jane of James Preston of Highlaws

23 Ruth of Joseph Thompson of Abbey Cowper

25 Jane of Rowland Backhouse of Wath

Mar 10 Mary of Anthony Hayton of Dryholme


Apr 7 Ester of Tho. Langcake junior of Raby

7 Sara of James Kenroy an Irishman

7 Mary of John Paipe of Sandenhouse


Marriages 1699

Jun 8 John Will & G... Brigg

Oct 12 Henry Askew & Anne Wiley

Nov 6 Henry Willies & Mary Hewytt

28 Benjamin Hawkins & Jane Knubley

Feb ? William Hodgson? & .... Spence


Burialls Anno Dom 1699

Jun 4 John Wilkinson senior of Highlaws

16 Jonathan of Wm Smith of Saltcoates

16 Frances of John Winder of Sivill

Jul 5 William Benson of Pellathoe

16 William Smith of Saltcoates

30 Robert Beeby of Cowyeat

30 Widdow Sibson of Blackdyke

Aug 12 Martha of John Litt of Goodyhills

21 Jane Cockton of Mosside, widd.

28 John of George Willies of Calseyhead

Sep 5 Wife of Thomas Borrowdale of Raby

17 Widd. Draipe of Raby

Nov 4 Frances Whinfield of Mawbrow

8 Francis Pattinson of Souterfield

Dec 7 Jane Taylor of Souterfield (widd.)

9 Anne Waite of Blackdyke (widd.)

9 Jane Waite of the same

19 Jane of Will. Newall of Sivill

29 Thomas Rigg (senior) of Blackdyke

Jan 1 Jane Will (widd.) of Mawbrow

6 Anne of Will. Taylor of Skinburnees

9 Elizabeth Wilson (widd.) of Blackdyke

11 Anne the wife of Francis Penrise of Raby

20 Margaret of Thomas Simm of Wolstie

Page 66

Burials 1699 (cont)

Jan 24 Jane of Arthur Saul of Hartlaw

28 Jane Clean of Souterfield

29 Jo. Head of Mosside

Feb 1 Heugh Stamper of Sandenhouse

2 Henry Wilson of Wath

7 John Osbourn of Newtown

15 Joys Skelton of Newton Arlosh

16 Jane of Philip Smith of Brownrigg

18 Thomas Simm of Wolstie

24 Elisabeth Askew (widd) of Sivill Coat

Mar 2 John Ritson (alias Soldier Ritson) of Mawbrow

7 Mary Cockton of Raby

20 Robert Doughty of Wolstie

Burialls Anno Dom 1700

Mar 26 Isaac of Isaac Wiese of Dryholme

28 Jane the wife of Tho. Ritson of Pellathoe

Apr 3 Mary the wife of Tho. Bell of Abbey



1700/01 (& part 1701/02)


A true & perfect coppy of the Register of Baptisms, Marriages & Burialls happening in the Parish of Holm Cultram Anno Domini 1700

Baptisms 1700

Ester of Thomas Langcake junior of Raby

Sara of James Kenroy (an Irishman)

Mary of John Paipe of Sandenhouse

John of John Parratt of Bletherlees

Jane of Heugh Draipe of Silleth

Mary of John Peat of Kingside

Joseph of Thomas Skelton of Newton Arlosh

Aaron of Isaac Wiese of Dryholme

Anne of Elizabeth Cockton of Sandenhouse

Margaret & Agnes of Mungo Langcake of Abbey

Isabell of Robert Parkin of Souterfield

Ruth of Gerard Atkinson of Newtown

Isaac of Matthew Mann of Wedholme

Joseph of George Fell of Aldoth

Frances of Thomas Langcake of Aldoth

Robert of John Mark of Sivill

Martha of Joseph Wilkinson of Highlawes

A child of Isaac Harrison of Souterfield

Anthony of Daniel Hayton of Calvo

Francis of John Stamper of Bogg

Thomas of Robert Watman of Newton Arlosh

Elizabeth of Robert Taylor of Bletherlees

A child of Thomas Benson of Dryholme

George of John Tremmell of Raby

John of George Willies of Silleth

Martha of Thomas Waite of Edderside

George of John Barne of Newton Arlosh

Mary of John Will of Mawbrow

Thomas of Thomas Glaister of Silleth

Dorothy of John Simm junior of Edderside

Joseph of William Robinson of Souterfield

Mary of John Down of Aldoth

John of John Cartar of Sandenhouse