This is an

Index to the Memorial Inscriptions for

Holme St Pauls Churchyard

at Causewayhead near Silloth

There are Burials in this index which occurred as late as 1980, I apologise in advance if this causes offence to anyone. I will of course remove the entry from these web pages if this is the case.

The format is SURNAME, Christian name or Initial and reference.

eg Adelaide ACCLETON will be found by going to the (N) NORTH transcripts and looking at row F

Amelia ALLEN is at (S) SOUTH transcripts, row C

References to those to be found in the Church will be found in SOUTH transcripts

NORTH Transcripts

SOUTH Transcripts

?? Andrew (S)Q ; Frances (S)N ; Hewson (S)N ;

ACCLETON Adelaide (N)F ; Walter (N)F ;

AIKIN Agnes (N)C ; Henry Lindsay (N)C ; Maxwell (N)C ;

ALLEN Amelia (S)C ; David (S)C ; William (S)C ;

ALLINSON Margaret (N)H ; Thomas (N)H ;

ANDERSON Jane (S)Q ; Joseph (S)Q ; Joseph (S)Q ; Joseph Todd (S)Q ; Margaret (N)K ; Thomas (N)K ;William (S)A ; William (S)Q ;

APPLEBY Annie (N)C ; Mary (N)C ; William Proud (N)C ;

ARCHER Jane (N)B ; William (N)B ;


ARMSTRONG Fanny (N)F ; Margaret (N)F ; Ada Mary (N)R ; Adam (S)K ; Catherine (S)N ; Catherine (S)N ; Catherine (N)M ; David (S)N ; David (N)F ; Edward (N)G ; Ellen (N)G ; Euphemia (N)G ; George (N)K ; James (N)G ; Jane (S)Q ; Jane (N)K ; Jane (N)R ; John (N)G ; Joseph (S)K ; Joseph Robinson (N)R ; Joseph William (N)R ; Lawson (S)K ; Margaret (S)N ; Margaret (S)N ; Margaret (S)N ; Margaret (N)F ; Margaret (N)M ; Martha (S)L ; Mary Jane (S)K ; Mary Jane (N)R ; Robert (S)K ; Robert (N)R ; Sarah (S)K ; Sarah (N)F ; Sarah Ann (N)R ; Susannah (N)R ; Thomas Jefferson (S)L ; Thomas (S)L ; William (S)N ; William (S)N ; William (N)G ; William (N)M ; Robert (N)F ; .Christina (N)F ;

AULT Ellen Fanny (N)M ; Jabez (N)M ;

BACKHOUSE Annie Strong (S)N ; John Lightfoot (N)R ; Joseph Ismay (S)F ; Mary (S)F ; Thomas (S)F ;

BAIRD Barbara Agnes (N)M ; John J. (N)M ;

BANKS Mark (S)F ; Mary Ann (S)F ;

BARKER Grace Lindsay (S)Q ; Mary (S)D ; Rose Patience Irene (S)Q ;

BARNES Jane (S)O ; Jane (N)N ; John (S)O ; John (N)N ; Joseph (S)O ; Joseph (S)O ; Lizzie J (N)D ; Mary Anne (S)O ; Mary Ann (S)O Mary (S)O ; Richard (S)O ; Richard (S)O ; Richard (S)O ; Thomas (S)O ; Thomas (S)O ; Thomas Mark (N)D ;

BARR John (N)L ;

BARTON Andrew (N)G ; Andrew (N)G ; Bridget (N)G ; Edward (N)D ; Elizabeth (N)D ; Jane (S)E ; John (N)G ;


BATY George (S)E ; Jane (S)E ; William (S)E ;

BAXTER Dan (N)D ; Georgina (N)D ; James (N)D ; Martha Jane (N)D ;

BAYLISS Elizabeth (N)C ; George (N)F ; Jeannie (N)F ; John (N)F ;

BEATTIE Annie Isabel (N)F ;

BECKTON Jane (S)N ; Mary (S)M ;

BELL Agnes (N)H ; Christopher (S)B ; Daniel (S)H ; Elizabeth (S)D ; Elizabeth (N)L ; Florence (N)H ; George (S)H ; George (N)D ; Harding (S)K ; Helen (N)C ; Jane (N)D ; Janet (N)C ; John (N)C ; John (N)H ; Joseph (N)L ; Margaret (S)K ; Martha (S)D ; Mary Vickers (S)H ; Rebecca (S)H ; Robert J. (S)A ; Robert (S)D ; Thomas (S)H ; Thomas Penrice (N)L ;

BEWES Isabella (S)P ;

BEWLEY John (S)D ; Wilhelmina (S)D ;

BLACK Charles (S)O ; Jessie (S)O ; Walter Charles (S)O ;

BLAIR Ann (N)D ; Ann (N)L ; John (N)D ; John (N)L ; Martha Ellen (N)A ; Sarah Ann (N)L ; Shadrach (N)L ; Thomas (N)A ; William (N)D ;

BLAYLOCK Rebecca (S)P ; Tom (S)L ;

BLENKINSHIP Esther (N)H ; Frederick Albert (N)H ;

BORTHWICK Emma (N)N ; John (N)N ; Martha E. (N)N ;


BOWE Esther Ann (N)H ; Joe Fisher (N)H ;

BOWMAN Ann (S)B ; George Bailiffe (S)B ; Mary Ann (S)B ;

BRANDSTAETTER Alexander Joseph (S)H ; Bartholomew (S)H ; Helen (S)H ; Jacob (S)H ; John George (S)H ;

BRIGHT Francis (S)F ; Nicholas (S)F ;

BRISCO John (N)L ; Mary (N)L ;

BRISCOE Francis (S)F ;

BRODIE Jane (S)Q ; W (S)Q ;

BROUGH Caleb Dixon S. (N)H ; Elizabeth (N)G ; Frances(Fanny) Jane (N)F ; John W (N)F ; John (N)H ; Mary (N)F ; Mary Elizabeth (N)H ; Robert (N)G ; Samuel (N)H ; Thomas Hodgson (N)H ;

BROWN Eleanor (S)M ; George (S)M ; Isabella (N)H ; Mathew (N)H ; Robert (S)M ; Robert (S)M ; Sarah Agnes (S)M ; William (N)H ;

BURRELL Margaret Jane (N)L ; Mary (N)L ;

BURTON Hannah Tinall (S)N ; Richard (S)N ;

BYERS J. (S)C ;C M (S)R ;

CAMPBELL Duncan (N)G ; Isabella (N)F ; James Church ;Mary Hannah (N)G ;Mary Church ;Mary Church ;

CAPE Eunice (N)R ;Joseph (N)R ;

CARLYLE Andrew (N)K ;

CARMALT Joseph (N)R ;Sarah (N)R ;

CARMICHAEL Annie (N)L ;Benjamin (N)L ;Margaret (N)L ;Zillah (N)L ;

CARR Hannah (N)G ;Isabella (N)M ;Jane (S)Q ;Jessie (N)G ;Jonathon (N)G ;Mary Ann (S)F ;Thomas (S)F ;William (N)G ;

CARRUTHERS Anne (N)M ;Catherine (N)B ;Francis (S)O ;James Douglas (N)K ;Janet (N)K ;Jessie (S)O ;Jessie (S)O ;Joseph (S)O ;Margaret (N)M ;Mary Ann (S)O ;Mary (N)B ;Mary (N)M ;Sarah Joanna (S)O ;Thomas (N)B ;Walter Scott (S)O ;William (S)O ;William (S)O ;

CARTMELL Joseph (N)F ;

CAVAGHAN Jemima Mary (S)C ;John Jordan (S)C ;

CHALMERS Ann Ross (N)B ;Hugh Main (N)B ;

CHAMBERS Agnes (S)P ;Ann (S)P ;Christopher (N)M ;Joseph Wilson (N)M ;Sarah Annie (N)M ;Thomas (S)P ;

CHICKEN Betty (N)M ;Hannah M. (N)K ;Thomas (S)N ;Thomas (N)M ;William (N)K ;

CHISHOLM Duncan (N)F ;Ellen (S)B ;Jamed (S)B ;Mary (S)B ;Nan (N)F ;Sarah Ann (N)F ;

CLARK Ellen (S)O ;Mary (S)J ;Mary Jane (S)J ;Morley (S)J ;Robert (S)O ;

CLARKE Stodart Rutherford (S)P ;

CLOW Eliza (N)K ;James (N)K ;Robert (N)K ;

COLLINGWOOD Alfred Henry (N)C ;

COLQUHOUN Walter Clarkson (N)C ;

COOPER Ann (S)N ;John (S)N ;Joseph (S)N ;Joshua (S)N ;William (S)N ;William (S)N ;

CORRY Esther Ann (N)K ;Jessie (N)K ;John Hodgson (N)K ;Joseph Hodgson (N)K ;

COSTELOE Frederick Charles (S)A ;Fredk Chas (S)A ;Margaret Louise (S)A ;Norman Cecil (S)A ;

COTT Evelyn (N)B ;Peter (N)B ;

COWEN George (N)P ;John (S)C ;John (N)P ;Mary Jane (S)C ;Mary (N)P ;

CREIGHTON Isaac (S)Q ;Isaac (S)Q ;Isaac (N)N ;James (S)D ;Jane (S)Q ;Jane (N)A ;Joseph (N)A ;Margaret (S)D ;Sarah (S)Q ;Thomas (N)A ;

CRISP Ada Florence (N)A ;Charlie Moor (N)A ;

CURRIE Cissie (S)C ;John (S)C ;

DALGLIESH Edward (S)F ;Jane (S)F ;

DALTON Margaret (S)P ;William (S)P ;

DARLEY Margaret (N)P ;

DARWOOD John (N)Q ;Margaret (N)Q ;

DAVIDSON Esther (N)F ;Isaac (N)F ;John (N)F ;Thomas (N)F ;DENNIS Edward (N)R ;

DEVILLE Charles Marie Gilbert (N)L ;

DICKINSON John (N)D ;Tamar (N)D ;

DIXON Catherine (S)E ;Daniel (S)E ;Edward Leslie (N)G ;Frederick Arthur (N)F ;Margaret Giles (N)F ;Mary A (N)G ;Nichol (N)G ;Nichol Godfrey (N)G ;

DOBSON Elizabeth (N)M ;John Edward (N)M ;Robert (N)M ;

DODD Ellen (N)A ;Isaac Toppin (N)A ;Jane Ann (N)Q ;Joseph (N)N ;Mary Jane (N)Q ;Sarah Elizabeth (N)Q ;Thomas (N)Q ;Thomasina (Ena) (N)Q ;

DONALD Elizabeth (N)R ;Hannah (N)R ;James (N)Q ;Jane (N)R ;Jean (N)R ;Sarah (N)Q ;William (N)R ;

DOUGLAS Ellen (N)R ;George (N)G ;George (N)R ;Jenny (N)R ;John (N)R ;John (N)R ;Margaret (N)G ;

DRURY Hannah (S)Q ;

DUFF Joseph (S)O ;Sarah Ellen (S)O ;John (S)O ;

DUNCAN William (N)P ;

DYER Jeannie Nelson (N)H ;William Henry (N)H ;;

DYLE John (N)L ;

EDGAR Barbara (S)Q ;George (S)Q George (N)Q ;Hannah (S)Q ;Mary Jane (N)Q ;

EDWARD Joseph (N)A ;

EDWARDS Emma (N)P ;Frederick J (S)M ;James Eric (S)M ;James (N)P ;James Wilson (N)R ;Mary (S)M ;Mary (N)R ;Norah (N)R ;Tom (N)R ;Tom Graham (N)R ;

EGGLES Mary (N)N ;

EILBECK Joseph Jackson (N)A ;Mary Ann (N)A ;

ELLIOT John (N)H ;Margaret (N)H ;Mary (S)L ;

ENGLISH Jane (N)K ;Robert (S)L ;Robert (N)K ;


FALCOUS James (S)N ;Mary (N)R ;Sarah Ann (S)N ;Sarah (S)N ;William (S)N ;William (N)R ;

FARISH Alexander (N)R ;Elizabeth (N)R ;

FARRIES Alexander Hill (N)G ;Anne Paton (N)G ;Helen Nichol (N)G ;Jessie Jackson (N)G ;William (N)G ;William (N)N ;

FAULDER Joseph (N)A ;Sarah C (N)A ;

FAWKES Ann (N)G ;Elizabeth (N)G ;James (N)G ;

FERGUSON Ann (S)O ;Bertha (N)G ;Elizabeth (S)M ;Hilda (N)B ;Jane (N)P ;Mary (N)K ;Robert (S)O ;Robert (N)K ;Robina (S)O ;Roy (N)K ;Sarah (S)O ;Thomas (N)P ;William (S)O ;William (N)G ;William (N)P ;

FINDLAY Christina Mary (N)M ;James (N)M ;James (N)M ;Mary Ramsay (N)M ;Sarah Isabella (N)M ;

FINLEY Annie (N)D ;George (N)F ;Janie (N)F ;Jeannie (N)F ;John Greener (N)D ;

FINLINSON William (N)L ;Esther (N)M ;Robert (N)M ;Wilkinson (N)M ;

FLEET Alan Francis (S)N ;David (S)N ;Margaret G (S)N ;Sara Margaretha(Daisy) (S)N ;

FLETCHER Elizabeth (N)M ;Isaac William (N)M ;Margaret (N)M ;Robert (N)M ;

FORBES John J. (N)H ;

FORSTER Elizabeth (S)L ;Elizabeth (S)L ;John (S)L ;Margaret (S)L ;

FORSYTH Ann Frances (N)P ;Barbara Ann (N)D ;Fanny (N)P ;George (N)P ;

FORTAY Arthur William (S)Q ;William (S)Q ;

FOSTER Alice (N)L ;Edward Osborne (N)L ;James (S)C ;John (N)L ;Mary (S)C ;Mary Jane (N)L ;

FRENCH Jane (S)P ;Thomas (S)P ;

FURNAS John (S)E ;John (S)O ;Mary (S)E ;Mary (S)O ;Peggy (S)O ;Sarah (S)E ;

GARLAND Alexandra (S)A ;

GARRATT Mary (S)Q ;Richard (S)Q ;

GEDDES Annie (N)H ;James Kerr (S)C ;Mary (S)N ;Mary Ann (S)N ;Robert (N)H ;Robert J. (N)H ;William (S)N ;

GIBSON Elizabeth Hetherington (N)P ;Elizabeth Jane (N)P ;George (N)D ;Isaac (N)D ;Jane (N)R ;John (S)C ;John (N)P ;Rachel (N)L ;Robert George (N)L ;

GILBERTSON Mary (N)D ;Mary Jane (N)D ;Robert (N)D ;William James (N)D ;Wm. (S)A ;

GLADSTONE William Ewart (N)C ;

GLAISTER Ann (S)M ;Annie (N)D ;Catherine Sarah (S)A ;Catherine Sarah (S)A ;Catherine (N)Q ;Elizabeth Jane (S)A ;Harriet (S)M ;John (N)Q ;Joseph (S)A ;Joseph (N)D ;Martha (S)A ;Martha (N)D ;Mary Ann (N)Q ;Robert (S)A ;Robert (S)M ;Robert (S)M ;Robert (S)M ;Robert (S)M ;Robert (N)Q ;William Herbert (N)D ;

GLASSEY Jouannas (N)Q ;


GRAHAM Annie (N)F ;Annie Ethel (N)R ;Barbara (N)C ;Christopher (S)L ;Frances (N)A ;Frances (N)F ;George (S)A ;George (N)A ;George (N)B ;George (N)B ;George (N)C ;George Christopher (N)R ;Hannah (N)B ;Jane (S)L ;John Christopher (N)R ;Margaret (N)Q ;Mary (S)M ;Mary (N)R ;Nancy (N)R ;Thomasina (S)L ;William (N)B ;William (N)F ;

GRAVESON Catherine (N)D ;George (N)D ;George Wilson (N)D ;Hannah Blanche (N)D ;Thomas Wilson (N)D ;

GRAY Mary (S)L ;Priscilla (S)P ;

GRAYSON William (N)A ;

GREENHOW Edward (N)D ;Ellen Jane (S)G ;Frances (S)G ;Jane (N)D ;John (S)G ;John William (N)D ;Joseph (N)D ;Septimus (S)G ;Tom (S)G ;

GREENUP Ann (S)J ;Betsy (S)J ;Hannah (S)J ;Jane (S)J ;John (S)J ;Joseph (S)J ;Thomas (S)J ;

GREENWOOD Louisa (S)F ;Margaret (S)F ;Mary (S)F ;Thomas (S)F ;

GRICE Mary (S)L ;Samuel (S)L ;

GROVES George (N)G ;Martha (N)G ;Thomas (N)G ;

HAILE Agnes (N)B ;John (N)B ;

HARDING Frances (N)B ;John (S)Q ;John (N)B ;Margaret (S)Q ;Margaret D. (S)Q ;Tom (S)Q ;

HARDY Frances (N)F ;John (N)F ;

HARRIS Harriet (S)J ;Jane (S)J ;Johnstone (S)J ;Ro{........}T (S)J ;Sarah (S)J ;Sarah (Caroline) (S)J ;William (S)J ;William Church ;

HARRY Isabella (S)Q ;John Hayton (S)Q ;Mary (S)Q ;Robert (S)Q ;Robert (S)Q ;

HAWKINS Lillian (N)D ;Lizzie Maydew (N)D ;

HAYSTON Isaac (S)O ;Jane (S)O ;Jane (N)Q ;Joseph (N)Q ;Joseph (N)Q ;Mary Beeby (N)Q ;

HAYTON Sarah (N)K ;

HENDERSON Frances (N)A ;Geoffrey (N)B ;George (S)C ;George (S)C ;Mary (S)C ;


HERBERT Charles (S)A ;Edward Noel Sout A ;Elizabeth (S)A ;

HERMANN Eugen (N)N ;

HETHERINGTON Agnes (N)B ;Esther (S)H ;George (N)B ;John (S)H ;Margaret (N)M ;Mary Harriet (N)Q ;Railton (N)M ;

HEWARD Joseph Gill (N)R ;R J (N)R ;N (N)R

HILL John Joseph (N)C ;Martha (N)C ;Mary Jane (S)L ;Sarah (S)L ;Thomas (S)L ;

HIND Daniel Wilson (S)E ;John (S)M ;John Hayton (N)N ;John (N)N ;Mary (S)M ;Mary Watson (N)N ;Robert (S)M ;

HODGSON Ann (S)K ;Isabella Holliday (N)K ;Josephine (N)G ;Mary Ann (N)G ;Mary Wilhelmina (N)G ;Mary Ann (N)K ;Thomas (N)K ;Wiliam (S)K ;William Woodville (N)G ;

HOLLIDAY Ann (S)P ;Annie Mary (S)A ;Catherine (S)K ;Elizabeth (S)A ;Esther (S)A ;Esther (S)A ;Esther (S)A ;Florence (Florrie) (N)P ;Isabella (S)A ;Jane (S)A ;Jane (S)A ;Jane (S)P ;John (S)A ;John (S)A ;John Herbert (S)A ;John Hayter (S)A ;John (S)A ;John Hayter (S)A ;John (S)O ;John (S)P ;John (S)P ;John (N)P ;Jonathon (S)A ;Jonathon (S)A ;Joseph (S)A ;Joseph Ernest (S)A ;Joseph (S)A ;Joseph (S)K ;Mary Ann (S)B ;Mary (S)B ;Mary (S)A ;Mary (S)A ;Robert (S)B ;Soloman (S)K ;Thos H. (S)A ;William (S)A ;William (S)P ;William (N)P ;

HOPKINS Benjamin (S)O ;Janet (S)O ;

HORNSBY Isaac (S)A ;John (S)A ;Mary Anne (S)A ;Mary Anne (S)A ;Robert (S)A ;

HOWES Jane Ann (N)K ;Jane (N)K ;John Wales (N)K ;Thomas (N)K ;

HUGHES Elizabeth Lucy (N)N ;James (S)N ;John Scott (S)N ;Margaret (S)N ;

HUTTON Annie (N)P ;George James (N)P ;Hannah (S)E ;Hannah (S)E ;Isabella (N)P ;James (N)P ;Joseph (S)E ;Martha (N)P ;Martha (N)P ;William (N)P ;Wilson (S)E ;

IRVING Andrew (N)L ;Andrew (N)L ;Annie Isabella (N)A ;David (N)D ;David (N)D ;Dorothy (N)D ;Grace (N)L ;Grace (N)L ;James (S)C ;James (N)A ;James (N)L ;Jane (N)H ;John (N)L ;Margaret (S)C ;Mary (S)C ;Mary Ann (N)B ;Mary Jane (N)M ;Matthew (N)K ;Matthew (N)K ;Matthew (N)M ;Richard (S)C ;Richard (N)K ;Robert (N)K ;Sarah (S)C ;Sarah (N)D ;Susanna (N)K ;Walter (S)A ;William (S)C ;William (N)B ;Winifred (N)D ;Richard (N)D ;

IRWING Susanna (S)E ;

 JACKSON Ethel Mary (S)E ;George Edward (S)E ;John (S)E ;Lizzie (S)E ;Margaret Agnes (N)N ;Mary Jane (S)E ;Robert William(S)E ;Stuart (N)N ;

JAMES John (N)A ;

JEFFERSON Elizabeth (N)G ;Janet (S)C ;Janet Johnstone (S)C ;John (N)G ;Martha (N)A ;Mary (N)C ;Mary (N)G ;Thomas (S)C ;

Thomas (S)M Thomas (N)G ;William (N)C ;

JEFFREY David (S)N ;

JOHNSON Ann Elizabeth (N)M ;Ethel (N)F ;

Sarah E (N)F ;Mary (N)F ;

JOHNSTON Annie Elizabeth (S)G ;Elizabeth Jane (S)M ;Ellenor (S)O ;George (S)G ;Isaac (N)C ;James (S)N ;James (N)C ;Jane (S)N ;Jessie (N)L ;John (S)G ;John (S)M ;John (S)M ;Joseph (S)O ;Mary (S)N ;Mary Ann (S)O ;R T (N)L ;Sarah Ann (N)C ;Stanley(N)F ;Thomas Tiffin (S)O ;Tom (N)F ;

JOHNSTONE Albert (S)D ;Ann (N)M ;Annie (S)C ;George (S)D ;Jane (S)D ;John Smith (S)D ;John Joseph (S)D ;John William (N)M ;Margaret (S)N ;Mary Jane (S)B ;Mary (S)D ;Thomas (S)B ;

JONES Eliza Ann (S)O ;Thomas (S)O ;

KAYE Jane (S)M ;Robert (S)M ;

KEANE James (Jim) (N)D ;

KELLY Frances (S)B ;Francis (N)M ;James (S)B ;Mary (N)M ;Robert (S)B ;

KERR Alexander (N)N ;Annie (S)D ;Emily (N)N ;John (S)D ;Mary (S)D ;

KIRKPATRICK Isabel (N)J ;James Laurie (N)J ;John James (N)J ;Margaret E.W. (N)J ;

KIRKUP Margaret (S)N ;Martha (S)N ;William (S)N ;

KNIGHT Daniel Levack (S)D ;Sinclair (S)D ;

LATIMER Ada (N)L ;Jamima (N)L ;Joseph (N)N ;Joseph (N)L ;Martha (N)N ;Walter (N)N ;William (N)L ;

LATTIMER Mary (S)N ;Robert (S)L ;

LAURIE Mary (N)F ;William (N)F ;

LAW Albert (N)R ;John (N)R ;Mary (N)R ;Robert (N)R ;Rose (N)R ;

LAWSON Betsy (S)F ;John Joseph (N)N ;Margaret Mildred (S)E ;Robert W.G. (S)F ;Thomas George (S)E ;Thomas George Church ;

LEITCH Catherine Edith (S)A ;John Moncreif Paterson (S)A ;

LEWIS Ann (S)B ;Thomas (S)B ;

LIGHTFOOT Elizabeth (N)N ;Henry (N)N ;

LITTLE A.E. (S)H ;Agnes (S)O ;Barbara Ann (N)D ;James (N)D ;Margaret (S)H ;Mary Jane (S)D ;Thomas (S)O ;Thomas (S)O ;William (S)D ;Wm (S)P ;

LITTLETON Mary (N)R ;Robert (N)R ;

LLOYD Eleanor (S)Q ;Louis (S)Q ;

LOMAS Annie (N)H ;Bertie (N)C ;Elizabeth (N)H ;James (S)K ;Jane (N)C ;Janet (N)K ;John (N)K ;Margaret (S)K ;Robert (N)H ;

LONG Emma Mary (S)L ;Thomas (S)L ;

LONGCAKE David (S)M ;Dinah (S)F ;Elizabeth (S)F ;Mary (S)M ;Richard (S)F ;Robert (S)M ;Thomas (S)F ;

LOWIS George (S)G ;M. J (S)R ;

MACKAY Hannah (N)R ;Thomas (N)R ;

MANDALL Sarah (S)M ;Thomas (S)M ;

MANN Agnes (S)O ;Ann (S)O ;Isaac (S)O ;Mary (S)O ;Matthew (S)O ;

MANSERGH Elizabeth (N)H ;Joseph (N)H ;

MARINER John Mcclean (S)R ;Mary (S)R ;

MARK William Mawson (N)F ;

MARSHALL Arthur (S)N ;Arthur (N)M ;Betty (S)N ;George Kenmere (N)F ;M E (S)N ;M E (N)M ;Margaret Elizabeth (N)F ;Mary (N)F ;W (S)N ;W (N)M ;William (N)F ;William (N)F ;

MARTINDALE Frances (N)R ;William (N)R ;

MASKELL James (S)J ;Joseph (S)G ;Martha (S)J ;Mary Ann (S)G ;Samuel (S)J ;

MATTINSON Annie (N)N ;Annie (N)N ;Esther (N)M ;George (N)N ;John (N)M ;John (N)N ;Robert Taylor (N)N ;Sarah Ann (N)M ;Thomas (N)M ;

MAXWELL Elizabeth (S)K ;Thomas (S)K ;Thomas (S)K ;Willie (S)K ;

MAYBURY Annie (S)B ;Marie (S)B ;William Henry (S)B ;

McCLURE Sarah (N)R ;

McDONALD Frances (N)R ;

McGOWAN Thomas (S)M ;

McHAFFIE E. (N)Q ;Elizabeth (N)L ;William (N)L ;

McLACHLAN Anna C.R.D. (N)P ;George (N)P ;

McQUEEN Francis (S)Q ;

McVITIE Ann (N)K ;Irving (N)K ;John (N)B ;

MEIN Jane (S)M ;Margaret Ann (S)L ;

MESSENGER Annie Josephine (S)D ;Betsy (N)R ;George (S)D ;John (S)C ;John (N)R ;Sarah (S)C ;William Lazonby (S)D ;William (N)R ;

MILLAR Mary Elizabeth (N)H ;

MILLICAN Thomas (S)H ;

MITCHINSON Barbara (S)Q ;Elizabeth (S)Q ;Hannah (S)Q ;John (S)Q ;John (S)Q ;Matthew (S)Q ;

MOOR Hannah (S)Q ;Joseph (S)Q ;

MOORE Hannah (N)H ;Joseph (N)H ;

MUMBERSON Daniel (S)O ;Martha (S)O ;

MUNDELL Gavin (N)R ;Judith (N)R ;

MUNNING Edith Florence (S)M ;

NELSON Alphonso (S)B ;Annie Mary (N)P ;John (S)B ;John William (N)P ;Sarah (S)B ;Sarah (S)B ;Sarah (Cissie) (N)P ;Unreadable (S)B ;

NETHERTON Martha Elizabeth Percival (S)E ;

NICHOL Agnes (N)N ;Ann (S)P ;Christine (S)C ;Isaac (S)P ;Jeannie (N)N ;John (N)K ;Margaret (S)P ;Mary (N)F ;Sarah (N)K ;Thomas (N)F ;Willam J. (N)N ;William (N)N ;William (N)N ;

NISH Agnes (N)G ;


NIXON Hannah (S)J ;

NOBLE Hetherington (N)F ;

NOWALL Ann M. (N)N ;

ODELL Bertha (N)H ;

ORMISTON Amy (S)K ;Charles Henry (S)K ;Frances E. (S)K ;Frank (S)K ;Margaret Ann (S)K ;Robert (S)K ;

OSBORNE Frederick M (N)D ;James (N)N ;Joseph M (N)D ;Joseph (N)N ;Mary H (N)D ;Mary Ann (N)N ;Sarah Hannah (N)N ;William (N)N ;William (N)N ;

OSBOURNE Ann Francois (N)R ;Henry (S)P ;Isabella (S)P ;John (S)P ;Thomas (N)R ;

PAPE Betsy (N)N ;Daniel (S)J ;Elizabeth (N)K ;Frances (N)B ;George (S)J ;John (N)K ;Jonah (N)N ;Joseph (S)J ;Joseph (N)B ;Martha (S)J ;

PARK John Rankin (S)M ;

PARRY Gwendolen Griffith (N)K ;

PATTINSON Hannah (N)R ;Thomas (N)R ;William (N)R ;

PEARSON Elizabeth (N)B ;Isaac (N)H ;Jerimiah (N)B ;Mary (N)H ;Mary Jane (N)H ;Thomas (N)L ;William Ramsay Findlay (N)H ;

PENRICE Foster (S)O ;Hannah (N)L ;Mary (S)M ;Sarah (S)O ;Sarah (S)O ;Sarah (S)O ;Sarah (N)L ;Thomas (S)O ;Thomas Dawson (S)M ;Thomas (N)L ;

PERCIVAL Frances (S)P ;Jane Elizabeth (N)Q ;Mary Jane (S)P ;Mary (S)Q ;Mary (N)Q ;Nancy (S)P ;Thomas (S)P ;Thomas (N)Q ;William (N)Q ;William (N)Q ;

PERFECT Henry (S)O ;Mary (S)O ;

PHELPS I (N)F ;Mary (N)F ;Sarah (N)F ;

PHILLIPS A F (N)C ;Ann (N)B ;Jack (N)C ;Mary (N)C ;Robert (N)B ;

PONTON Sydney Smith (N)H ;

PORTEOUS Andrew (N)N ;Isabel (N)N ;

PORTER Isabella (S)C ;James (N)L ;Joseph (S)C ;Margaret (N)L ;

PORTHOUSE Archibald (N)Q ;Peter (N)Q ;Sarah (N)Q ;William Allan (N)Q ;

POTTS Martha (S)E ;William Henry (S)E ;

PRICE F J (N)F ;Mary (S)E ;

PROUD Edward (N)Q ;Mary (N)Q ;Thomas (N)Q ;

PUGH Hugh (S)P ;Robert (S)P ;

QUINN Mary (S)J ;William M Ferran (S)J ;

RAMSHAY Janet Douglas (N)N ;William (N)N ;

RANTIN Jane (S)Q ;

REAY John (N)M ;Nancy (N)M ;Thomas (N)M ;

REDFORD Catherine (S)A ;Catherine Adams (S)A ;Frances Helena (S)A ;Francis (S)A ;John Albert (S)A ;

REED J. Percy (S)A ;Jane (S)O ;John (S)O ;Joseph (S)O ;Margaret (N)M ;REID Joseph H (N)D ;Margaret (N)D ;

RELPH Jane (N)Q ;Sarah (N)M ;

RICHARDS Eleanor (N)F ;George (N)F ;Jenny (N)F ;Ria Douglas (N)F ;

RICHARDSON James (S)L ;Margaret (S)L ;

RICKERBY Elizabeth (N)D ;Robert (N)D ;

RIDDLE Elizabeth (N)Q ;Mary (N)Q ;

RIDLEY Joseph (S)P ;Joseph (S)P ;Joseph Benson (S)P ;Mary (S)P ;Minnie (S)P ;


RITCHIE Annie (S)K ;Eliza (S)K ;Samuel (S)K ;

ROBERT George (N)B ;

ROBERTSHAW Alice (N)G ;John (N)Q ;Rachel Josephine (N)Q ;William (N)G ;

ROBERTSON Esther (N)M ;John C (S)N ;John (S)N ;William Albert (N)M ;William (N)M ;

ROBINSON Annie Beckton (S)L ;Ethel Elizabeth (N)C ;Jane (N)M ;John (S)L ;John James (N)C ;Joseph William (N)C ;Mabel May (N)C ;Rachel (N)C ;Rachel (N)L ;Rachel (N)L ;Temple (N)L ;William (N)C ;

ROBSON Christopher (N)N ;Esther (N)K ;Jean (N)G John (N)K ;Mary (N)N ;Walter (N)G ;William Thompson (N)G ;William (N)K ;

RODDAN Mary (S)Q ;

RODFORD John (S)Q ;Margaret (S)Q ;Mary (S)Q ;Thomas (S)Q ;

ROME James (N)L ;Rebecca (N)L ;

ROMNEY David (S)B ;Elspeth (S)B ;James (S)B ;James (S)B ;Sarah (S)C ;Thomas (S)B ;Thomas Kea (S)C ;

ROOK Margaret (N)K ;Robert (N)K ;

ROUTLEDGE Betsy (N)C ;Elizabeth (N)A ;Ellen (S)D ;George (N)M ;Jane (N)M ;John (N)D ;Margaret (S)D ;Margaret (N)D ;Martha (N)K ;Robert (N)K ;Sarah (N)C ;Thomas (N)C ;William (N)A ;William Stanley (N)D ;

ROWE Hannah (S)P ;Thomas (S)P ;

ROWLAND George Steedman (S)M ;Hannah (S)M ;Margaret (S)M ;

RUTHERFORD Andrew (N)G ;Henzil (N)H ;Margaret (S)C ;Mary Jane (N)G ;Willie (S)C ;

SANDERSON Sarah Jane (S)K ;

SATTERTHWAITE Ann (N)B ;Isaac (N)B ;William (N)B ;

SAUL Ann (S)P ;John (S)P ;Joseph John (S)P ;

SCOTT Ellen (S)Q ;George F. (N)N ;James (S)O ;James (N)P ;Jemima (N)P ;Joan Fowier (N)P ;Margaret (S)O ;Mary (S)F ;Mary (S)F ;Mary Dorothy (N)A ;Minnie (N)N ;Pollie (S)F ;Richard (S)F ;Richard (S)F ;Richard (S)F ;Richard (S)Q ;William (N)A ;

SELKIRK William (N)C ;

SEWELL Ann (S)M ;John (S)M ;

SHADWICK Elizabeth (S)N ;John (S)N ;Joseph Shadwick (S)F ;Joseph Lyulph (S)F ;Martha Mumberson (S)F ;Martha (S)N ;Mary (S)F ;Mary (S)N ;Robert (S)N ;

SHANKS Ann (N)K ;John (N)K ;

SHARP Betsy (N)D ;Edward (N)D ;Phyllis Dacre (N)D ;Thomas (S)Q ;Thomas (N)D ;

SHARPE Frances (N)N ;

SHEPHERD Alice Maud (S)K ;Richard (S)K ;

SIM Anne (S)P ;James (S)P ;Joseph Martin (S)P ;Joseph Martin (S)P ;Joshua (S)P ;Margaret (S)H ;Mary (S)P ;Mary (S)P ;Robert (S)H ;Sarah (S)H ;Sarah Jane (S)G ;Susannah (S)P ;William (S)P ;William (S)G ;Elizabeth (S)G ;

SIMPSON Robert (N)A ;May(N)H ;

SISSON Annie (N)G ;Joseph (N)M ;Mary (S)J ;Mary (N)M ;William (S)J ;William (N)G ;

SKELTON Hannah (S)N ;Jane (S)N ;John (S)N ;Mary (S)N ;Nancy (S)N ;William (S)P ;William (S)P ;Robert (S)L ;

SLACK Jane (N)F ;John (N)F ;John (N)Q ;Joseph (N)Q ;Mary Ann (N)Q ;Mary (N)Q ;Sarah (N)Q ;Thomas (S)L ;


SMITH Ann (N)F ;Ann(Nancy) (S)A ;Edward (N)Q ;Edward (N)R ;Eleanor Frances (S)H ;Elizabeth (N)G ;Evelyn (N)A ;Frances (S)H ;Henry James (N)F ;Isabella (N)F ;John (N)M ;John (N)N ;Margaret (N)N ;Mary (S)H ;Mary (N)Q ;Samuel (S)H ;Sarah (N)M ;Semantha (S)H ;William (N)G ;Mary (N)R ;

SPARKS Agnes (S)H ;Hannah (S)H ;John (S)H ;John (S)H ;Mary (S)H ;William (S)H ;

SPEDDING John Pearson (S)P ;


STALKER Betsy (N)D ;John (N)D ;Mary (N)B ;Thomas (N)B ;Thomas Donald (N)D ;

STANWIX John (N)Q ;William (N)Q ;

STEPHENSON Beeby (N)C ;Mary Lily (N)C ;Rachel Elizabeth (N)C ;Rachel (N)D ;Robert Henry (N)C ;Robert (N)D ;William (N)D ;

STITT Elizabeth (N)K ;Hugh (N)K ;

STOCKDALE Ann (N)Q ;Fanny (N)A ;John (N)A ;William (N)R ;

STODDART Annie (N)C ;Betsy (N)L ;Hannah (S)Q ;Joseph (N)C ;Mary Ann (N)L ;Sarah Jane (S)Q ;Sarah Jane (N)L ;William (S)Q ;William (N)L ;William (N)L ;

STONE Edward (N)G ;Julia (N)G ;

STRONACH Hannah (S)M ;James Tordiff (S)M ;Jane (S)M ;John (S)M ;

STRONG Christopher (N)K ;Frances (N)K ;

STUDHOLME Ellen (N)L ;Joseph Dobinson (N)L ;

SUTTON John (S)F ;John (N)M ;Margaret (S)F ;Mary (S)J ;Robert (S)J ;

SWAN Andrew (S)N ;

T H T (S)R ;

TANDY Edward (S)M ;Henry Thomas (S)M ;Henry Lawrence (S)M ;Jane (S)M ;

TAYLOR Hannah (S)P ;John (S)P ;Joseph (N)D ;Sarah Ann (N)D ;

TELFORD Grace (N)L ;

THOMAS David Charles (N)G ;David A (N)G ;Elizabeth Ann (N)G ;Elizabeth Jane (N)G ;Margaret (N)G ;Owen (N)I ;

THOMLINSON Jacob (N)A ;Mary Elizabeth (N)A ;

THOMPSON Ann (S)Q ;Elizabeth (N)C ;George (N)K ;Mary (S)G ;Thomas (S)G ;

THOMSON A (S)N ;Andrew (S)N ;Andrew (S)O ;Ellen Hyslop (S)Q ;Helen (S)N ;Isabella (S)Q ;Isabella (N)G ;James (S)Q ;James Robert (N)G ;Mary (S)Q ;Mary (N)G ;Mary Orlo (N)H ;Thomas (S)Q ;William (N)H ;

THRELKELD Joan (S)F ;John (S)F ;Joseph Wilson (S)F ;Matilda (S)F ;

TIFFEN Joseph (N)R ;Rebecca (N)R ;

TIMPERON John Ritson (S)J ;Joseph (S)J ;Martha Isabella (S)J ;

TINDALL Bertha (N)L ;Frances (S)C ;Hannah (S)N ;Hannah (S)N ;Joan (N)L ;Joseph (S)C ;Joseph (N)L ;Mary (S)C ;Mary Ann (S)N ;Matthew (S)N ;Sarah (N)L ;Thomas Henry (S)N ;Mary (N)L ;

TOD Charles Nichol (N)L ;Margaret (N)L ;Thomas (N)L ;William (N)L ;

TODD Alex (N)F ;Alexander (N)F ;Elizabeth (N)B ;Isabel (N)F ;Jean (N)F ;John (N)B ;Jonah (N)A ;Margaret (N)F ;Robert (N)F ;Robert (N)F ;

TOLSON Norman W. (N)B ;Sarah Jane (N)B ;

TOPPIN Margaret Elizabeth (S)M ;Margaret Church ;W (S)M ;

TREMBLE Dorothy Wise (S)E ;Mary (S)E ;Thomas (S)E ;

TWEDDLE John (S)O ;Mary Ann (S)O ;

TWEEDY Elizabeth (S)Q ;John (S)Q ;

TYNDALL Matthew (S)P ;

UNDERWOOD Ada (N)D ;Howard (N)D ;Isabella (N)D ;Isabella (N)Q ;John Jefferson (S)F ;John (N)Q ;Joseph (S)F ;Joseph Henry (N)Q ;Joseph (N)Q ;Martha (S)F ;Mary (N)D ;Mary Ann (N)Q ;Thomas (S)F ;Thomas (S)L ;Thomas William (N)D ;Tom (N)D ;

VARTY Robert (S)A ;

W Q R (N)Q ;

WAITE Robert (S)P ;

WALKER Emily Mary (S)M ;Margaret Elizabeth Church ;Robert (S)M ;Robert Church ;

WALLACE Jane (N)K ;John (S)B ;John (N)K ;Margaret Ann (S)B ;Martha (S)B ;Mary (S)B ;Mary Storey (N)K ;

WALTON Eleanor (S)K ;Jane (S)K ;Joseph (S)K ;Robert (S)K ;Sarah Jane (S)K ;

WANNOP Ann Isabella (N)A ;Annie (N)C ;Dinah (N)A ;George (N)A ;George (N)A ;Hannah (N)A ;Hannah (N)D ;Isabella (S)Q ;Jennie (N)A ;John (S)Q ;John (S)Q ;Margaret (N)A ;Martha (S)Q ;Robert (N)A ;Thomas (N)A ;Thomas Mandall (N)D ;Thomas (N)D ;Walter (S)Q ;Walter (N)A ;Walter William (N)C ;William (N)A ;

WARD Mary Jane (N)K ;

WATSON Ellen (N)A ;John R. (N)A ;William (S)B ;

WATTS Elizabeth Mary (N)A ;Joseph Joel (N)A ;

WAUGH Mary Ann (N)B ;William Henry (N)B ;

WEIGHTMAN Ellen (S)B ;Hugh (S)B ;Sarah (S)B ;Sarah (N)K ;

WHALLEY Eleanor Eva (S)E ;Ernest (S)E ;Ida Sylvester (N)R ;Mary Eleanor (S)E ;Oswald Robert (N)R ;Oswald Robert (N)R ;

WHITE Albert E. (N)H ;James (N)H ;

WIGHTMAN Belford Annan (N)N ;James (N)N ;Jane Elizabeth (N)N ;Sarah (Pat) (N)N ;

WILKINSON Thomas (S)P ;William (S)P ;

WILLIS Betsy Jane (N)C ;Hannah (S)P ;Isaac (S)P ;Isaac (N)C ;John (N)F ;Sarah (S)P ;Thomas (S)P ;Thomas (S)P ;Tom (S)P ;

WILSON Ann (S)E ;Annie (S)L ;Catherine (S)E ;E (S)N ;E (N)M ;Elizabeth (S)L ;Elizabeth (S)O ;Elizabeth (N)H ;Geoffrey (S)N ;Geoffrey (N)M ;George (S)E ;Isabella (S)L ;J (S)N ;J (N)M ;James Buckle (S)N ;James Scott (N)L ;John James (N)H ;Martha (S)L ;Mary (S)E ;Mary (S)O ;Michael (S)O ;Robert (S)E ;William (S)L ;

WISE Isabella (N)C ;James Henry (S)N ;Jane (S)N ;John Henry (S)N ;Richard (S)A ;Richard (N)C ;Robert (N)C ;Susannah (N)C ;Thomas (S)N ;Wm E.G. (S)A ;Wm (S)A ;

WISHART George Christopher (N)B ;Jane (N)B ;Jane (N)B ;John (N)H ;Lizzie C (N)H ;Mary (S)C ;Thomas (N)B ;Thomas (N)B ;William (S)C ;

WOOD Ann (S)P ;Ann (N)B ;Ann Lazonby (N)P ;Daniel (N)B ;Evelyn Alice (S)M ;Jane (N)L ;Jessie (N)B ;John Nixon (S)L ;John Dixon (N)B ;John (N)B ;Joseph Edmund Carter (S)M ;Joseph Allan (S)M ;Joseph (N)B ;Joseph (N)P ;Margaret (S)L ;Nathan Moore (N)B ;Sarah Hannah (N)B ;Thomas (S)P ;William (N)L ;

WOODALL Mary Sherrington (S)O ;

WOODHOUSE Luke (N)B ;Susan (N)B ;

WRIGHT Ann (S)H ;Catherine (S)H ;James (S)H ;John (S)H ;John Bell (S)H ;John (N)H ;Margaret (S)H ;Mariannie (S)H ;Nancy (N)H ;Thomas (S)H ;William (S)H ;

YATES ?? (S)N ;

YEOMAN David (S)R ;David (N)R ;Rebecca (S)R ;Rebecca (N)R ;

YEOMANS John (N)P ;Mary Isabella (N)P ;