The Enchanted Tarot, a.k.a. Tarot of the Hidden Folk

This is an odd little deck, much more serious, difficult and powerful than its fairy-theme would suggest. I chose it because the "Hidden Folk" it portrays are a lot more like traditional folkloric fairies - i.e. things you call "the Good People" as an alternative to calling them by their real name, because if you say their real name they might come calling and you don't want that to happen - than the usual modern rendition.

The art ranges all the way from sickeningly twee to flesh-crawlingly sinister, taking in noble, beautiful, erotic and gruesome on the way. The court cards have a weird grandeur and some of the aces in particular are stunning - although sadly the pip cards are a little weak.

The deck is a standard 78-card Tarot, and the suits are given standard names on the cards themselves, but the booklet gives them grander and more meaningful titles which identify the "Hidden Folk" as personifications of elemental forces.







Major Arcana

Keepers of the Channels

Court Cards


Pip Cards



Roots of Power



Eternal Fire


Water of Life


Eternal Wind


Mother Earth


The pip or Lord cards all show people rather than objects or scenes, and represent behavioural attributes of some kind, e.g.:

Four of Wands
The Lord of Completed Work  
He is capable of giving others what he promised to give to you