The Sacred Circle Tarot

This is a large but otherwise fairly standard Tarot, based on Ancient British/Celtic imagery. Some of the Major Arcana have non-standard names - The Druid instead of The Magician, The Green Man in place of The Fool and so on - but the meanings are quite traditional, very well-explained in the accompanying book. The pip cards do not always illustrate their meanings very clearly, but they have one-word descriptive prompts on each card which help the user to learn and remember them.

The artwork is remarkable. Part photography, part computer-graphics, at its best it is absolutely stunning: the suit of Cups, in particular, must be among the best Tarot art ever produced.

The artwork has one unfortunate flaw, however. For the Court cards, and some of the Major Arcana, the artist used photographs of real people in appropriate costumes. From the look of it, he didn't hire proper actors - instead using some of his friends. Not only does the same person turn up in two or three guises, but most of them look awkward and embarrassed.