The Witches Tarot
[note that this is not the same as The Tarot of the Witches, which is a brightly-coloured, stylized deck originally designed as a prop for a James Bond film.]

This is an attractive-looking deck which is particularly nice for psychic practitioners, since many of the cards actually show Tarot readers, crystal-ball gazers and so on (all female, for some reason). Also a good deck for pagans, with The Horned One instead of The Devil, and cards showing the Triple Goddess in various contexts.

The interpretations of the cards are fairly standard, with both upright and reverse meanings - but there is an extra Major Arcana card called The Seeker, and unfortunately the darker cards have been bowdlerized so that it's impossible to get a really bad reading. [This suggests that the author didn't really trust the cards - didn't believe that the cards would only give a bad reading if it was really true and really neccessary to do so.] For example:

The Tower
Moving toward illumination.
Reversed: Querent learns about himself or herself, both good and bad.

10 of Swords
You will see the physical results of your actions - their pleasantness or unpleasantness, depending on the action.
Reversed: No results. No move is possible. Fire. Fever.

The Court cards are identical in each suit, except that the colours change, and the figures are carrying different objects. This unfortunately means that the Princesses (= Pages) look like air-headed, bee-hived bimbos in every suit.