Taliesin is the magical son of Ceridwen, whose natural son Afagdu was supremely ugly. Ceridwen brewed a Cauldron of Wisdom and Inspiration for a year and a day so that its first three drops would make Afagdu wise. By accident they fell on Gwion, the servant, who realised his gift instantly but also that Ceridwen would kill him. So he fled with Ceridwen pursuing, changing shape continuously, until as a grain of corn Ceridwen the hen ate him. Soon Ceridwen magically bore a beautiful son but knowing it was Gwion cast him adrift on the river. Stuck in a salmon weir he was found by a king's son, Elphin ap Gwyddno Garanhir who named him Taliesin - shining golden-brow - later the great bard and seer.