Triple Goddess

The number three is frequently considered to be lucky. Many things come in threes: past, present and future; three wishes; mind body and spirit. The triangle is a magical shape, as is the triscel, the symbol of life the three-armed spiral.

In a similar way, the ancient Goddess was often represented in three aspects, as Maiden, Mother and Crone, each aspect relating to a different phases in the life of women. Maiden is the aspect of self-possessed independent reflective strength. The young Goddess surveys the future in her crystal ball secure in her own spirituality. She is crowned with the colours of the rainbow - a Goddess with the confidence of youth, a Goddess with attitude!

The mother looks directly at you offering the chalice of life dressed in green - the colour of life - crowned with flowers. Full breasted, she is both provider and protector. See how she supports the maiden with the lightest touch of her hand.

The crone has spent a lifetime gathering knowledge and skill about her, but not for her own aggrandisement. She is the wise woman, noted for her powers of healing. She carries a bunch of medicinal herbs and a great book in which she has recorded her knowledge, to be used for the benefit of those in need. She is crowned with the moon and her gaze is directed beyond to realms untold.