The Book of Doors Divination Deck

This is an oracle rather than a standard Tarot, and includes 65 cards and an 8-sided die.

There are two ways of using these cards: with and without the dice. The method of casting dice for divination is complex and difficult to learn, but well worth the effort if you are in tune with the Ancient Egyptian ethos. This is an absolutely serious piece of work, using a system based on the Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus and the magic square of Pythagoras. It is intended as a genuine act of worship of and communion with the Neteru, the gods of Ancient Egypt - and as a means of summoning them back into the modern world.

By using the original names of the Neteru, rather than the modern corruptions we have become used to, this deck gives fresh insight into the structure of the Egyptian pantheon. For example the gods we have come to know as Osiris and Isis are here called Auser and Auset, and many other "old married couple" deities are similarly paired as two halves of one concept sharing the same name, with the "er" and "et" suffixes to denote gender.

The artwork is not strictly Ancient Egyption in style - more a modern take on old themes - but the content is far more authentic than that of many a deck which comes with temple-fresh Egyptian frescoes.