Pictish runes

I found this set of designs for Pictish runes on the Internet and had them made up by our stonemason. The website I found them on seemed to think they were all original but it's clear from the style that this isn't quite true. Most of them are based on symbols from Pictish stones or from lots found at Pictish sites, but four or five of the stones in the set look as if they are modern additions, added in to make up a set of 24 so they could be cast in the same way as Norse runes.

I am pretty sure that Love, Star, Tree and Fire are modern add-ins but all or most of the rest are authentic ancient Pictish symbols

We don't actually know for sure what most Pictish symbols meant, so the meanings assigned to the symbols in this set are pretty arbitrary. If you prefer you can decide they mean whatever you want them to mean, so long as you remember it and are consistent.

For example, Storm obviously is stylized storm-clouds and either lightning or heavy rain - there's really nothing else it could reasonably be. But personally I think the sign here called Synchronicity is "ocean," the one here called Energy is really "river" and the one called Rivers is really "village" - a group of buildings at a crossroads.

So far as I am aware, we are the only shop or company in the world that sells Pictish runes.