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Outline drawing of white lurcher

N of hits since July 2000:

I am offering affordable freelance web-design for individuals and small organizations, especially (but not exclusively) in south-east Scotland.

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60 for the first page, and including administration costs such as 'phone-calls and the provision of a CD

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+ 20 for each additional simple page

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+ 40 for each additional complex page, e.g. involving large interactive forms, elaborate scripting or very time-consuming graphics

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+ any additional major costs, such as setting up a domain name if required

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10% off for charities

[N.B. This web page is brand-new - it will get more interesting later!]

To discuss your requirements, contact whitehound@madasafish.com


White Hound home page

Theatre of Cruelty (the tragic story of comic star Eric "Wee Burney" Cullen)

Introduction to the Rat Race (a guide to the care of pet and Ship rats)