Lifespan of the fancy rat; some common medical problems and what to do about them; things your vet may not know about rats; safety-precautions if taking on an orphaned wild rat.

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Growth & Lifespan


Common Infections
- including skin problems and abscesses

Disorders of Respiration, Heart & Kidneys
- classed together because many breathing problems are associated with diseases of the heart or kidneys

Neurological Disorders
- stroke, inner-ear disease etc.


Pododermatitis (inflamed heels)
- a.k.a. bumblefoot


- tooth overgrowth and related problems

Coat Care
- some problems affecting the condition of the fur

Medication, Nursing & Post-Operative Care

Common Injuries

Hot Weather
- risk of heatstroke; how to transport rats safely in warm weather

Poisonous Substances

The Geriatric Rat

Anatomical Peculiarities
- some things your vet may not know about rats

Are Rats a Risk to Human Health?
- or, indeed, are humans a risk to rat health? - including advice on wild rats as a potential health-hazard to pet rats