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25 October 2001 at
Some will say that the BRM V16 was a failure. As a car intended to take on the World at the top level of motor sport, only one World Championship point is not a dominant performance. (That would come after another ten years hard work.) The Formula One 1.5 litre rules were abandoned as the car was reaching maturity. The car did have a successful career away from the spotlight of the World Championship as the following results show.
Wins – 15
Second places – 13
Third places – 9

25 October 2001 at


Engine V16 Oil system Dry sump 50-70psi.
Configuration 135 degree V16 alloy cylinder block and crankcase. Cast iron wet liners. Fuel system Rolls-Royce two-stage centrifugal supercharger with two 3in. SU carburettors. 5.7 bar maximum boost.
Bore 49.53mm. Fuel Petrol/alcohol fuel
Stroke 47.8mm. Fuel capacity 50 gallons, maximum 75 gallons/340 litres @ 3mpg.
Capacity 1,496cc. Ignition Lucas coil, later four Lucas magnetos. One spark plug per cylinder
Compression ratio 7.5 to 1 Valve gear 2 valves per cylinder @ 80 degrees with twin overhead camshafts per cylinder bank, via gear train from the centre of the crankshaft. Hairpin valve springs.
Power 600bhp. @ 12,000rpm. Inlet valves 1.25in.
Crankshaft Counterbalanced two piece with 8 plain bearings & 2 main roller bearings. (Later 10 plain bearings.) Exhaust valves 1.09in.


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