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"Uneven Odds" by Robert Taylor
From the Military Gallery
Queens Parade Place, Bath, BA1 1NN

The Hawker Hurricane


the RAF's forgotten fighter star of the Battle of Britain.

Where to see the
Hurricane in the UK
Where to see the
Hurricane in the rest of the World
Types and Specifications
Information sources and Links
Hurricane Blood Line
What happened before (and after)
Hurricane Places
Places that were important
to the plane
Hurri V. Spit
Better than the Spitfire?
The Battle of Britain - Facts and Myths
(and things somewhere in between)
The prototype, K5083, was first flown at Brooklands on November 6 1935 by chief test pilot P.W.S. 'George' Bulman and in all some 2,800 Hurricanes were completed and flown out of that site.

How the last Hurricane was made - was this the last major aircraft to be made to the same basic methods as the earliest "stick and string" planes? It still proved capable of delivering the goods !


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