Tickford Rail Prototype Refurbishment

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Angel Trains owned 156.450, from the ScotRail fleet, was chosen to demonstrate various options for interior refurbishment. The unit featured styling proposals from Tickford Rail Ltd, and four different types of seating.

The project was managed by The Engineering Link and carried out at Glasgow Rail Maintenance Limited, Springburn, where the refurbished train was unveiled to the railway press on 11 January, 1995.

The original livery was retained, albeit with Super-Sprinter branding removed, but inside the ScotRail colours of the time - blue, red and yellow - were featured in the moquette, carpet and fittings.

During 2002 an attempt was made to return the unit to standard configuration. However the unit still features diffused lighting, transparent luggage racks and a non-standard toilet.

156.450 at Glasgow Queen Street

156.450 at Glasgow Queen Street, 29 September 2001.

The unit received ScotRail livery the previous year.

Exterally the only difference between this and other ScotRail units is the painted out toilet window.

inside 52450, WCinside 52450, outer end

The toilet was completely reclad using easy-to-clean materials and features a nappy changing table.

A new sink and vanity unit were also fitted, covering over the window.

The exterior toilet door controls were updated with lit push buttons.

Opposite the toilet is a storage box for a wheelchair ramp.

inside 52450, outer end

AW Chapman Limited "SC1.x" seating in vehicle 52450.

The six seats nearest the toilet had been rearranged and additional grab rails fitted to provide better access for mobility-impaired passengers.

All the grab rails in the unit were painted blue.

New transparent overhead luggage racks were fitted in both vehicles

inside 52450, inner end

The inner end of vehicle 52450 featured "Weldon" seats from RG Manufacturing Limited. Some of the face-to-back Weldon seats did not have fold down tables.

A lighting gondola, which diffuses the light, is fitted along the full length of the unit to overlay the existing fluorescent tubes.

All the large tables in the unit were replaced by new one piece moldings

inside 57450, outer end

The outer end of vehicle 57450 had "Explorer" seats from Tickford Rail Limited.

The blue oval shaped partion featured mirrors on the structural pillars and incorporates litter bins between the seat backs.

The grey box at the top of the partition was a passenger information panel. Although it was rarely in use, it had been known to display the time, or a London Underground symbol!

inside 57450, inner end

The original "Ashbourne" seats were retained in the inner end of vehicle 57450. These had the cushion and squab renewed, and new headrests fitted.

The purple seat covers were fitted in 2000, when the unit was painted into ScotRail livery.

The oval partition shape was repeated at the van end of the saloon with larger mirrors.

inside 57450, inner end

The refited interior, post 2002

The oval partitions, mirrors and PIS displays have been removed.

All the seats have been replaced by the standard Ashbourne type, now without head rests.

Original-style tables have also been re-fitted with pale blue wood stain pattern surfaces.