Inside the Cab

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Drivers Console

The lever to the left is the brake controller, the lever on the right the throttle.

The Driver's Reminder Appliance (DRA) is the circular red button, top centre.

Point to a control for a description.

cab, left sidecab, right side

To the left of the windscreen is the Public Address/Cab to Cab transmitter unit. Lower down is the cab-to-shore NRN Radio.

To the right is the AWS indicator unit (Automatic Warning System). The vehicle photographed has an RETB Cab Display Unit fitted above this.

Inter-unit gangway

Behind the drivers seat is a panel with Miniature Circuit Breakers, and heating and lighting controls.

The large circular device at the bottom is the Door Key Switch.

When coupled in multiple to another unit, the gangway door is opened inwards and the plastic cover closes across the second man's side of the cab. The drivers door closes in on the drivers side of the cab.

Guard's Door control Panel

Guard's Door Control Panels

Behind the cab, in the vestibules next to the exterior doors are 'Guard's Door Control Panels'.

These are only energised when the Guard has unlocked the Door Key switch in the adjacent cab.

Using these control panels the guard can release or close the doors on that side of the train.

The circular light at the top was originally the door interlock light, but this is no longer in use.

The green signal buzzer is only active when the all doors are closed and the door interlock circuit is complete.

Speedometer (mile/h) Emergency Bypass Switch AWS Reset Button Warning Horn Valve Doors Open (Left Side) Doors Open (Right side) Throttle Master Switch (Direction selector) Master Key Brake Controller Gearbox Fault (Unit) Gearbox Fault (Train) Engines Stop Engines Start Digital Clock Brake Cylinder Pressure (Bar) Main Reservoir Pressure (Bar) Couple button (covered) Uncouple button (covered) Signal button (buzzer) Spare button Radio Handset DRA Isolation Switch (sealed) Driver's Reminder Appliance (DRA) Air Vent PA/Cab-Cab transmitter unit Windscreen Washer controls Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCB) Local Fault Pre-Heat On (Blanked) Train Lights On Train Lights Off Fire Test Doors Test (sealed) Fire Isolate Switch (sealed) Traction Interlock Switch (sealed) Cab Heater Fan Cab Lights Aux Heater Isolate Door Key Switch (DKS) Driver' Seat