Class Details - 156 Super-Sprinter

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 Data table

Fleet size: 114 x 2-car units - DMS(A)+DMS(B)
Units = 156.401-514
DMS(A) = 52401-514
DMS(B) = 57401-514
BR lot numbers:
52401-514, Metro-Cammell 31028/1987
57401-514, Metro-Cammell 31029/1987
Design code: DMS(A) = DP 244 0A, DMS(B) = DP 245 0A
Length over body ends: 22.385 m (per car)
Length over couplings: 23.025 m (per car)
Bogie Centres: 16.0 m
Width: 2.730 m
Height: 3.805 m
Wheel Diameter: 0.840 m
Minimum Radius Curve: 90.5 m (4.5 chains)
Tare Weight: DMS(A) = 36.1t, DMS(B) = 35.5t
Max speed: 120 km/h / 75 mile/h
Max Fuel capacity: 1300 litres / 286 gallons
Cummins NT-855-R5. 213kW / 285hp at 2100 rpm.
(one on each car)
Voith T211r with cardan shafts to Gmeinder GM190 final drive
BREL; P3-10 - powered, BT38 - unpowered.
Primary suspension - rubber chevron
Secondary suspension - air spring
Brakes: Tread brakes, electro-pneumatic "Westcode" control.
Bergische Stahl Industrie (BSI) COMPACT couplers
cab end: Automatic couplings
inner ends: Semi-automatic (separate electrical connections)
Multiple Working:
with Classes 141-144, Classes 150,153-159
and also Class 170 with certain restrictions.
Maximum 12 vehicles.
Gangways: Flexible diaphragm with faceplate; both ends.
(As built)
DMS(A) 74 seats, Wheelchair accessible toilet
DMS(B) 76 seats, Luggage/Parcels area
All standard class.

see also Interior Layout page

Heating: Warm air blown from single heat-exchanger
Ventilation: Opening hopper windows
Standard Equipment: AWS. DSD. Public Address. Driver-Guard telephone.

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