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156.419 at Grantham 05.February.2005

The last of the class to be painted green, 156419 was released from overhaul in full Central Trains livery in the first week of February 2005.

At the end of the month it was transferred to one-railway.

The unit is seen at Grantham on 05.February.2005

List of all 156s to carry Central Trains livery

15 units 156.401,403,404,405,406,407,408,410,
First 156.407 (September 1999)
Last -

Description of Central Trains livery

The green livery of Central Trains was designed by Best Impressions, and first appeared on class 158 unit 158.797 at the official opening of Nottingham Eastcoft depot on May 7, 1998.

The livery was applied to 14 class 156 units as they received C6 overhauls at Wabtec, Doncaster from the summer of 2003 until Spring 2005.

However the first class 156 to receive this livery was 156.407 after accident repairs at Adtranz Derby.

Car 52407 returned to traffic first, in September 1999, paired with a similarly painted class 158 vehicle, 52785. It was later paired with a single car class 153 in Regional Railways livery, before being reunited with 57407 in January 2000.

Each carriage of 156407 shows differences to those outshopped by Wabtec from Summer 2003.

57407 at Sheffield, 27-Apr-02

First painted 57407 photographed in April 2002.

It has the black cab window surrounds overlapping the blue cabside panels and cab front handrails are painted black.

The red stripe which separates the blue and green is wrapped onto the lower cab front.

The yellow gangway door shield was added during 2001.

52407 at Nottingham, 20-Jul-02

The other half of 156407, 57407 photographed in July 2002.

It features yellow light clusters, white handrails, and the set number lower down in white digits.

Yellow on the front panels continues down beyond solebar level.

The dark green stripe curves down more sharply than on 57407.

156.410 at Derby, 15-Nov-03

156410 at Derby, November 15, 2003.

On later repaints the dark green stripe is shallower than the first painted set.

The front edges of the cabside panels are all blue.

Other features are white handrails and black light clusters.

52407 cabside, 27-Apr-02

The cabside of 52407 photographed on April 27, 2002.

The dark grey window band reaches half-way to the door.

The top of the door above window level is green.

Central logos are aligned towards the vehicle ends.

57410 cabside, 15-Nov-03

The cabside of 57410 photographed on November 15, 2002.

The dark grey window band reaches a third of the way to the door.

The top of the door above window level is yellow, but the top of the door frame is green interrupting the red stripe.

Central logos are smaller and are aligned to the left of the windows.

156.407 at Sheffield, 27-Apr-02

On 156407 the vehicle numbers are black, but in different positions.

57407 on the left has its number in the light green band, whilst 52407 on the right has its number in the dark green stripe just above the solebar.

In the carriage windows are non-smoking stickers, plus adverts for Qjump (the green ovals).

156.410 at Derby, 15-Nov-03

On 156410 the vehicle numbers are white just below the top edge of the dark green band, below the second small window.

Later repaints have the numbers higher up on light green.

The new style door buttons have a orange square surround, and the stepboards are painted yellow.

156.410 at Derby, 15-Nov-03

On the centre of each carriage is a web site address in blue lettering. This was missing on the early repaint of 156.407.

The top of the dark green stripe is at the level of the top of the coolant sight glass.

On set 156407 the stripe is up to the coolant filler.

Overhauled sets have new style LED orange hazard lights, pictured above window level.

156411 and 156413 at Nottingham 07.July.2004

156411 and 156413 at Nottingham, 07.July.2004

Most of the units in Central livery have yellow gangway covers.

The position of the set number varies; 156413 on the left has 'high' numbers, while 156411 on the right has 'low' numbers.

156.419, no branding. Norwich, 13.Mar.05

Recently painted 156419 was transferred to one-railway at the end of February 2005, and had all branding removed before it entered traffic.

The other green 156s in the 'one' fleet continued to wear Central branding for a few months.

Unbranded 156419, (featuring modified headlights) is seen at Norwich, on March 13, 2005.

Photo: Darren J.

156.412, 'one' branding. Norwich, 24.May.05

156412 pictured arriving at Norwich, May 24, 2005

By mid-May 2005, both 156412 and 156419 had gained 'one' branding.

Car 52412 is missing the orange warning line above the cab windows.

156418 at Norwich, 13.August.2008

The last two 156 units in CT-green livery are operated by NX East Anglia, and have both received white stripes with National Express branding.

156412 was the first to appear on August 8th 2008.

The other green unit, 156418, is seen at Norwich on 13th August 2008 with newly applied stripes.

Photo: Dan Adkins

156412, NX branding, 15.Oct.2008

National Express branding on 156412.

156412, NXEA branding, 15.Oct.2008

Silver on white East Anglia branding at the inner ends of 156412.