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156451 at Selby. 05.Feb.2005

Northern's 156451 at Selby. 05.Feb.2005

List of all 156s to carry Northern Livery (version 1)

1 unit 156.451 (from December 2004 to May 2008)

Description of Northern Livery (version 1)

156.451 was hastily repainted at Heaton depot for the official launch of the Northern franchise on 13 December 2004.

The colour scheme of lilac, pale blue and white was considered as a 'development livery' and second and third versions subsequently appeared in 2005.

156451 Cab end. York 18-December-04

156.451 photographed at York on 18 December 2004.

Lilac upper cabsides with pale blue and lilac waist-stripes and silver-white lower bodyside all wrapped on to cab front.

Warning yellow is applied to the lower half of the cab front, with areas above the hand-rails painted black, the same arrangment at Northern Spirit livery.

156451 bodyside. York 18-December-04

Livery on the right hand side of each coach is a mirror-image of the left hand side.

The inner half of each coach is lilac, with a 45 degree colour break with the silver-white towards the front.

Vehicle numbers are applied in white at the extreme ends of each coach.

156451 cabside. Selby 05-February-05

Pale blue and lilac waist stripes at the cab end, sweep up at a 45 degree angle through the first passenger window. The silver-white extends up to the roof line.

Doors are silver-white with the door button highlighted within a yellow rectangle.

156451. bodyside URL Selby 05-February-05

The towards the front of each coach, on the silver-white bodyside, the website address is applied in dark blue with a heavy condensed font.

156451 - Northern logo. York 18-December-04

The 'Northern' logo in white on lilac at the inner ends of each vehicle.