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156509 at Edinburgh, 21-Oct-2009

First ScotRail's 156509 recently painted in ScotRail 'Saltire' livery, at Edinburgh Waverley, October 21, 2009.

List of all 156s to carry Scotland's Railway Livery

28 units 156.430,431,432,433,434,435,436,437,439,442,
First 156.433 (February 2009)
Last -

Description of Scotland's Railway Livery

In 2008, First Group were awarded a 3 year extension of the ScotRail franchise until 2014. Under the terms of the extension, a new "Scotland's Railway" brand has been introduced including a new livery. The brand is used for all services in the franchise, including those previously operated for SPT in Strathclyde.

The new image for ScotRail was devised by Edinburgh based design agency Redpath.

The main feature of the branding is a symbol based on a dynamic interpretation of the Saltire - the flag of Scotland.

The ScotRail Saltire symbol is created from two overlapping arrow shapes, and the arrows themselves are made up by a series of dots decreasing in size from the centre of the symbol.

This first train to receive the livery was class 170 unit 170434 in September 2008.

ScotRail's 28 class 156 units in SPT livery were next for relivery, undergoing a programme of repaints at Railcare's Glasgow Works from January 2009 to August 2010.

A number of variations occurred over the course of the relivery programme, with the first 4 units all slightly different. From the 20th unit onwards, revised branding featuring gaelic was applied to one side of each carriage.

A complete list of repaint dates can be found on the group wiki.

156.433 at Whifflet, 18-Feb-09

First ScotRail's 156433 newly painted in ScotRail 'Saltire' livery, at Whifflet, February 18, 2009.

This was the first unit to have the full livery applied, and had been outshopped 7 days earlier.

The small set number on the cab front, and the positioning of the vehicle number on the lower cabside were non-standard and were amended by the early 2010.

Photo: Alastair Blackwood

156.433 inner ends, 12-Feb-09

The inner-ends and exhaust guards on 156433 and 156437 were painted blue.

156433 is unique in having white dots above the doors at the inner ends.

Only the first three units, 156494, 156433 and 156437 had blue roofs.

Blue 156494 at Glasgow Central, 27.Jan.2009

The first unit in the repaint programme, 156494, was outshopped on 22.Jan.2009 in plain blue without branding.

It ran in this condition to the end of February 2009.

The dark blue base colour of the livery is the same as used in First Group livery - RAL 5022 'Night Blue'.

156494 at Glasgow Central on January 27th 2009.

Photo: Jonanthan McGurk

156.494 inner ends, 14-Mar-09

Inner ends and exhaust guards on 156494 were painted light grey.

Following the application of bodyside vinyls, this unit ran without vehicle numbers for a time. However these, and bold set numbers had been applied by April 2010.

156494 photographed at Glasgow Central, 14 March 2009.

156.507 inner ends, 19-Oct-09

Standard version of the livery has inner ends and exhaust guards painted dark grey.

The top part of the roof, which is not cleaned by carriage washing machines, is also painted grey.

Both vehicle numbers are positioned by the inner-ends.

The first unit in this style was 4th repaint 156432, in March 2009.

Vehicle numbering is in a typeface called Officina Sans Book.

156507 photographed at Edinburgh Waverley, 19 October 2009.

Scotland's Railway logo on a 156, 12-Feb-09

A close up view of the mid-carriage ScotRail branding, with the 'Saltire device' and Scotland's Railway strapline.

bodysdie of 156494 at Glasgow Central, 14-March-2009

Side on view of 156494 at Glasgow Central, 14 March 2009

ScotRail is operated by First (branding on doors)

The doors are a metalic aluminum colour.

The logo of franchise holder First Group appears under the words "ScotRail is operated by".

ScotRail Rčile na h-Alba

In 2010 Transport Scotland made a change to promote the use of the Gaelic language within the ScotRail identity.

For 2-car units such as class 156s, the branding on the right hand side is modified so that under the ScotRail logo, the gaelic strapline "Rčile na h-Alba" replaces "Scotland's Railway".

156445 was the first to receive gaelic branding, in April 2010. The other ex-SPT sets to receive it were 156.436,495,501,504,506,508,513,514.

156509 at Edinburgh, 21-Oct-2009

156509 has the standard version of the livery with grey roof and bold set number.

The chevrons which make up the saltire device are lean towards the right, and when applied to the cabsides wrapping on to the cab front they give an asymetric look.

156509 photographed at Edinburgh Waverley, 21 October 2009.

156512 at Glasgow Central, 23-November-2009

The cabside chevrons at both ends of 156512 were applied incorrectly, most noticable by the absence of dots wrapping on to the cab front.

The three rows of small white dots above the orange safety line are also missing on this unit.

Several other units have incorrect chevrons. Correctly applied on a 156, there should be 4 dots at the leading edge, with one touching the yellow warning panel.

156512 photographed at Glasgow Central, 23 November 2009.