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Talon Multi-Tools and Knives are made for people with a love for travel and the outdoors
you will soon appreciate why we call them Indispensible, You'll never leave home without it!

Talon Multi-tools and knives are made from high grade stainless steel.

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mt01 plier multitool

MT01 Micra size Multi-Tool with needle nose pliers,
supplied with ballistic nylon belt pouch.


mt03 mini max multitool

MT03 this micra size tool is known as
"The Mini Max" because of its mini size and its maximum amount of tools
with its built in key ring and belt pouch this one really is Indespensible


MT07 cyclist multi tool

MT07 This full size multi-tool is the perfect cyclist companion
with sockets from 5/32" to 1/2" and a full range of flat, cross head
and hex/Allen bits for all those running repairs


mt08 mega tool

MT08 Mega tool this one is The Daddy
Expensive imitations of this tool sell for £60++
with its lock out tools and sturdy construction this is the
tool that I take with me on the Motorbike in my leathers
I am the Leatherman


spannerman tool

DMT03 "The Spannerman" is a heavy duty tool with the adjustable
spanner maxing at 20mm, pliers, knife blade, saw and file.


hammerman tool

TL083 "The Hammerman" claw hammer tool,
like all the tools this one includes a bottle opener
for when you want to get Hammered!


bug tool

MT12 "The Bug Tool" small sturdy pliers with wire stripper
plus fold out mini flat and cross head screwdrivers


golf buddy

SK01 Golf buddy, Thanks to Gilbo the Golfer I can now tell you
what all the tools on this bit if kit do, The small two prong is for
doing up your shoe spikes, the long two prong is for removing
"pitch marks" (Ball Dents) from the greens, and the odd shaped bit on the bottle opener is for getting the mud out of the grooves on your club face and you can sharpen your score keeping pencil with the penknife!. All this for only £10.00 a pair , Go on make two golfers happy today.
£10.00 Bogof buy one get one free!

Fisher lock knife

TK06 Fisher lock knife, This minimalist steel knife is easy
to open one handed, and is a great piece of engineering

nk718-50 large lock knife

NK718-50 This big Lock knife with its Steel blade and
brass and wood handle is a real favorite with the
local fishermen here in Sunny St.Ives.....

cp01 clip cutlery set

CP01 clip together cutlery set by Highlander of Scotland,
Knife, Fork, Spoon all clip together and come with a
handy travel pouch, there is also a bottle opener on the knife!
£5.00 Bogof buy one get one free!

cs43 small acc links
CS43s small Accessory links great for clipping stuff to other stuff
blister packed in pairs
£2.50 a pack
cs43 large acc link
CS43L large Accessory link great for clipping stuff bigger to other stuff
blister packed each
£2.50 a pack
If you see anything that you would would like to purchase please contact us by email or phone,
UK mail order is easy and quite cheap, Worldwide is possible, but the carriage does get a bit more expensive.

Stuarts, 32 FORE STREET, ST. IVES,

e-mail: mustshop@stuartsbags.co.uk Telephone: 01736 797187


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