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Microfast, the Australians who have put the tentnology in camping now bring you a new range of quality quick and easy tents called Mi-series.These tents are indeed fast and self erect in just 3 seconds.

Take it out of the bag, release the strap and the tent instantly pops open. Once it is up you simply attach the outer fly and wamo, its hassle free camping.

"Microfast tents are made with high quality rip-stop nylon material, offering the latest technology in water proofing, durability and UV resistance. Combines with high quality patented pop-up frame design and other Oztent innovations Microfast tents will give you years of quick, easy and hassle free camping. This has been Microfast's motto right from the very beginning"

As you can see below I use one of these beauties myself (Mi-2) when biking and I can get it up in about 3 seconds!

The Highlander Lewis 4 is a fantastic biking tent that is only 4.2 kg and packs to 65 x 20cm, and is very spacious.

Microfast Mi-0 Weight: 3.0Kg
Packed Size: 43 x 59
Seams: Taped seamed sealed
Size: 2.1m x .75m
System: Pop open
Fly: 100% Polyester 3000 M.M rated waterproof coating
Sleeps: 1
Due in stock end of may

Microfast Mi-0


Microfast Mi-2 Weight: 3.8Kg
Size: 2.4m(l) x 1m(w) x 0.94m(h)
Packed Size: 50cm x 68 cm
System: Pop open
Seams: Taped seamed sealed
Sleeps: 2
Now in stock

Microfast Mi-2


Microfast Mi-5 Weight: 6kg
Size: 2.4m(l) x 2m(w) x 1.28m(h)
Packed Size: 70cm x 91cm
Seams: Taped seamed sealed
System: Pop open
Sleeps: 3 to 4
Due in stock end of may

Microfast Mi-5


Microfast Mi-7 Weight: 9Kg
Size: 2.4m(l) x 3m(w) x 1.55m(h)
Packed Size: 83cm x 100cm
Seams: Taped seamed sealed
System: Pop open
Sleeps: 4 to 5
Due in stock end of may

Microfast Mi-7


Microfast Mi-9 Weight: 13Kg
Size: 3m(l) x 4m(w) x 1.70m(h)
Packed Size: 88cm x 123cm
Seams: Taped seamed sealed
System: Pop open
Sleeps: 6 to 7
Due in stock end of may

Microfast Mi-9


lewis 4 Weight: 4.2Kg
Size: 2.1m(l) x 2.1m(w) x 1.25m(h)
Packed Size: 65cm x 20cm
Seams: Taped seamed sealed
System: shot pole
Sleeps: 3-4
Now in stock

Highlander Lewis 4


If you see anything that you would would like to purchase please contact us by e-mail or phone,
UK mail order is easy and quite cheap, Worldwide is possible, but the carriage does get a bit more expensive.
Please allow 28 days for delivery of MICROFAST tents
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