The Story Continues


Father and Son, I think his was bigger than mine.

As you can see from the picture above, the carp here are in very good condition and are from some very different strains, some are long lean fish, some are short and fat, the colouration can be totally different also like these two, one being black backed with light greyish sides whilst others can be very golden. The one I am holding I 'nicked' from Darrell, he was playing his fish, which was fighting very hard making numerous attempts to get beneath the trees to Darrell's left side margin, when another of his rods screamed off!! I could only do the decent thing by striking, playing and landing the fish while Darrell continued his battle. It gave us the opportunity for a nice double shot though LOL!!

Anyway I think it must be time for the numbers, who caught what and how big, I will list the captures in quantity order and the order in which each angler caught them.

Darrell caught a total of 30 carp the sizes in order caught are,  31lb 12oz    22lb    23lb    20lb    25lb    22lb    21lb    20lb    19lb    29lb    19lb    18lb 8oz    18lb    18lb    5lb    29lb    28lb    24lb    20lb    19lb    36lb    25lb    23lb    21lb    27lb    23lb    23lb    22lb    17lb    17lb.  That works out at two thirties, nineteen twenties, eight doubles and one single.

Perry caught a total of 13 carp the sizes in order caught are,    44lb    36lb 4oz    14lb    17lb    18lb    3lb    15lb    26lb    37lb 4oz    26lb    36lb    25lb    22lb.    That works out at one forty, three thirties, four twenties, four doubles and one single.

I caught a total of 11 carp the sizes in order caught are,    36lb    29lb 4oz    23lb    35lb    31lb    32lb    28lb    25lb    26lb 8oz    24lb    25lb. That works out at four thirties and seven twenties.

Paul caught a total of 8 carp the sizes in order caught are,    34lb    26lb    32lb    26lb    19lb    24lb    24lb    34lb. That's three thirties, four twenties and one double.

Steve caught a total of 7 carp the sizes in order caught are,    21lb    20lb    26lb    26lb    20lb    36lb 8oz    30lb. That's two thirties and five twenties.

Pete caught a total of 4 carp the sizes in order caught are,    30lb    29lb    21lb 8oz    37lb 8oz. That's two thirties and two twenties.

That's a grand total for the week of 73 carp!    One forty, Sixteen thirties, Forty one twenties, Thirteen doubles and Two singles. 

What else can I say about L'etourneau? The lake is a nice looking water containing some fine specimen carp that fight very hard, the top lake (stalking lake) I think could be turned into another great water, I feel it is wasted at the moment, it's not as though it needs a great amount of work to transform it, just some bank maintenance with some dedicated swims. Dan is currently building some wooden chalets on site with a view to anglers with families spending the week in the chalet rather than a bivvy, this of course will appeal to some but not others, it's just depends on what you want from a fishing holiday in France. The lodge at the lakeside provides all the amenities you will ever need and Dan is very helpful asking if anyone needs smokes, beers, wine, batteries etc when he travels into town. The toilets and showers were always clean with plenty of hot water when needed. Dan is also happy for anglers to 'do there own thing' with baits etc as long as sensible care is taken in preparation and use of bait, I feel he could perhaps give a bit more detail about the lake when anglers turn up and perhaps walk the bank with the anglers to point out any features and spots that can be located from each swim. Although the food was adequate provided by Dan perhaps it could have been a bit more appetising if say the breakfast contained mushrooms or perhaps a choice of how the egg was cooked rather than fried and perhaps a dessert with the evening meal, nothing fancy but just something to finish the meal.   

Overall I would recommend anyone to pay a visit to this lake I am sure you will enjoy yourself and catch some big carp in nice surroundings, here is a link to the website


Dan on the barbeque, how do you like yours?                The crew salute you, cheers!