They were unusual events, particularly by Northern Ireland standards which pulled together a group of strangers, of very different ages, professions and backgrounds to pull on fishnet stockings, sew on sequins and discuss the finer points of make-up application ......... and that’s just the fellas!

When over a number of weeks in 1998 it was discussed that Lip Service would cease to exist in its existing format, I felt that the occasion should not go by unrecorded in some more lasting form than those traditional gradually fading fond memories. I therefore suggested that I would undertake to produce a small souvenir booklet for those involved, simply pushed out on a Personal Computer with lots of pictures to record what had happened in Belfast over those preceding 8 or 9 years. Everyone I’ve spoken to then and since thought it was a great idea .....but this wasn't much of an idea in today's technological climate, so here is the web based version ....... I hope this does it justice.

I must apologise now if the site reads like a personal history on my involvement in ‘Rocky’, that was definitely not the intention. I hope I’ve managed to strike the right balance.

It may be very presumptuous of me and placing too much importance on ‘Rocky’ and what we have done, but I would like to think that in some small way we have moderated some attitudes in the Province to ‘Rocky Horror’, cross-dressing and peoples own repressed sexuality ......... but realistically in this country that’s unlikely ...... but enough ......... on with the show .......... and enjoy a brief glimpse at a definite phenomena .........a RHPS performance group in Belfast, Northern Ireland!

Davy Orr

Belfast 1999 {Updated 2004}