"Meet the family."

The following brief bios are only provided to introduce you to names and faces you may encounter else where in these pages. They are arranged in alphabetical order and are intended to include everyone, no matter how brief their appearance with Lip Service.

In Belfast;


Steve - Very much the ‘new’ member of the group. He performed the last show in Belfast as Rocky. He’s another one of those very muscled types who are drawn to play Franks creation!
Connor Connor - "Superunderstudy" who has played Eddie, Dr Scott, Brad, and Rocky all at a moments notice and has done a great job as well. He has perform as a Transylvanian, and when not performing has been known to be found in the audience with a copy of the script and a very small torch, shouting ‘come back’ lines from the script to encourage the audience. (For some Belfast audiences it is best to have an undertaker sitting outside ...... dead wouldn’t be in it!)
  Emer - Has helped with props, lighting, shouting ‘come-back’ lines to encourage the audience and take photos, before after and during the performance. Apart from recording what we were doing it also let us see where things needed improved.
Roisin Roisin - Founder member and very much Belfast’s own Columbia in the group and in recent years the Usherette. The metamorphose of her tailcoat from back coat sprayed gold, and plastic glitter top hat through to the full sequinned number of today was well worth it. The girl who used Rocky Horror and Lip Service on her CV for a job as a holiday tour rep .... taught other applicants the TimeWarp for the interview and got the job! She also became the "settle petal", "don’t panic" factor of the group, with particular reference to Davy O.
Lee Lee - The first ‘Janet’ of the group until she left to go to University. I think the whole group will agree that there are two things about Lee, which will always be remembered. One was her constant referral to anyone and everything as ‘fluffy bunny’s’! The other being her reference to Frank ‘N’ Furter as a cross between Dolly Parton and Dr Frankenstein is was during a television interview! {I've no idea either!}
Iain Iain - A nursing colleague of Roisin’s he shaved his chest for his first performance as our resident Rocky. It was also the last time he shaved it. Not exactly the shape of Peter Linwood, but the mannerisms and the Rocky shuffle were always first class. It was a sad day when he retired from the group and hung up his gold lame shorts for the last time. Your welcome back any time!
Mike Mike - As one of the performance group at the Convention in 1992, Mike had made a contribution to the formation of Lip Service without even realising it. He later returned from enforced retirement and travelled over from London to perform in Belfast .............. and was a huge success.
  Tracy - If you were a girl with a wedding dress, who was going out with our Riff, and turned up to shows what role do you think you should have ..... yeap, that’s right Betty Hapschatt. It was a brief association with the group, but it worked. She was still be found in the audience on other nights.
Carole Carole - A first class Janet who came to the rescue from Glasgow on more than one occasion. She is without doubt the only person in the world capable of teaching Davy how to do the Floorshow properly. Where else would you rehearse this new skill except up and down the driveway of his house while he was wearing 5" heels.
Shelley Shelley - At first a very shy and retiring girl who cautiously approached the group in the Grand Opera House, but later a fan who couldn’t get enough of the scene. She has always been a possible understudy for a number of roles but not always available. She has performed as the Usherette and a Transylvanian, and helped with lighting and props.
Cathy Cathy - The other half of Mike. She had never performed to the film until she came to Belfast. Since then she has performed Janet on a number of occasions. Rehearsals in the front room of the London maisonette proved that she did indeed have the makings of a most able slut!
Darren Darren - Founder member and obviously born to play Riff Raff. His experience of performing at every performance in Belfast stood him in good stead.  His portrayal of the decadent butler is second to none. How many can say they’ve  performed with but also had elbow sex with THE Patricia Quinn on stage?
Andrew Andrew - The original Brad who threw his whole self into the role from the outset. Moving to university in England seriously curtailed his performances in QFT. Although still a regular Frankie fan he hasn't performed as Brad for a number of years.
Alistair Alistair - A regular attendee at showings of the film in QFT, and coincidentally cousin to Barbara O and rider of a motorbike! So when we needed an Eddie for the last show in Belfast, he seemed the obviously choice. It’s amazing how good you can become with about 30 minutes rehearsal.
Barbara O Barbara O - Some might say the long suffering wife of Davy, but then why should she become the innocent party. It was through her actions of buying Davy a copy of the re-released video as a Valentines Day present in 1991, that he became involved with the fan club, becoming more than someone with a passing interest in Rocky Horror. Barbara has performed as Magenta, the Usherette, and more recently her regular slot as the Criminologist. She has performed at every Lip Service Performance, even while pregnant.
Davy O Davy O - Founder member and resident Frank who has performed at every Lip Service performance over the 7 formal years they performed.

Rosemary - Longest running Janet in Belfast, who approached the group after a performance actually asking to perform! (If only there were more like this) She keeps telling Davy O she’ll do anything. He keeps meaning to test this fully ....... but doesn’t have the time!


Jack Judith ‘Jack’ - The very first Magenta to perform in Belfast ...... her brief appearance was followed by her moving to hotter lands, and hotter men.
Davy S Davy S - Our own original resident Eddie/Dr Scott. Admirably qualified for the role, with his own motorbike, teddy bear and passion for things in stockings!
Saffron Saffron - Glasgow’s own home grown Columbia. Absolutely invaluable with a needle and thread especially when it comes to Rocky Horror costumes. She came to the rescue on a few occasions particularly when Roisin was working in Spain and Patricia Quinn asked us to perform with her in Belfast. It was not unknown for for Saffy to perform an impromptu 'Do the Swim' pre-show when the song appeared on the 'Musack' track before the real pre-shows!
Gillian Gillian - A reluctant friend who was roped in on a few occasions to play the Criminologists, but was a life saver .... many thanks, those shows couldn’t have been done without you.
Joanne Joanne - Belfast’s second Magenta (after Pat Quinn of course) was ‘picked-up’ at the stage door of the Opera House, and we haven’t been able to drop her yet! The secret to her very Magenta wig is apparently to drop it on a dusty floor and kick it around a bit ....... a new form of wig dressing.
Barbara W Barbara W - The girl made to understudy Columbia in Belfast, which was demonstrated when she first met Davy O in the stalls of Grand Opera House and offered her left tit, in true Little Nell fashion as a token of good will! She has also understudied Brad, played as a Transylvanian, and also in the final performance in Woking, Rocky Horror himself! ..... or should that be 'herself'!
Leanne Leanne - Our Magenta before Joanne, despite her obvious shyness she performed wonderfully before disappearing to get married and never seen since ...... except for occasional rare unconfirmed sightings.

..... in Woking at T-99;


Martin Fairgrieve - Due to Davy S’s sudden inability to perform Eddie at T-99, Marty stepped into the breach with hours notice to cover that role. Not having his own Eddie costume with him from Glasgow, he had to borrow Davy’s.
Stephanie and David Steph & David Freeman - That legendary couple amongst Rocky Horror fandom in the UK, cameo’d their roles as Space Riff and Magenta at T-99, for the last ever performance of Lip Service........ and yes Steph achieved one of her ambitions, to be party to the killing of Davy O. {I love you too Steph. Davy}
Steve  Steve Lenihan - As Darren did not want to attend the Convention for the last show, Steve agreed to undertake the role of Riff Raff, a role which he had performed previously with Charming Underclothes.
Emma Emma Taylor (aka ‘Mizz M’) - At Davy’s invitation she was to perform one third of the Frank role at T-99, however with the withdrawal at the last minute of the other Frank, she ended up performing the whole Frank role up to the start of the Floor-Show where Davy O took over.

As ever she was wonderful......... the best Frank in the UK!