".....one of the Master’s Affairs"

Transylvania ‘92 ........ what can you say, that hasn’t already been said in the past. It was a great weekend which had a major influence on the Northern Ireland fans attending. Barbara, Roisin, Davy and Darren had made the trip over to London, none of them had ever experienced a fan convention before let alone one centred around Rocky Horror ........ at this stage Davy and Barbara were the only two to have seen the show on the stage. To the casual observer the day seemed to run relatively smoothly, however behind the scenes things were very different. One of the ‘minor’ glitches of the day was that the security broke down a little! Stephanie Freeman approached Davy and asked him to ‘help out’ with security a little, reached him a pocket phone radio/transceiver and asked him to watch out for Patricia Quinn arriving and to bring her through to lunch when she arrived!

Pat duly arrived and was somewhat surprised to be greeted and escorted by a 6’ 4" 'Frank-N-Furter' with a Belfast accent. She was even more surprised to discover he was just one of three others to be at the convention from her home city. Our presence was reinforced later during Patricia’s interview session, by Davy, and Roisin asking questions of her, and again being acknowledged by Pat from the stage as being from her home town......... she even dropped the ‘BBC’ accent and went back into a little ‘broad’ Belfast ...... which was most appreciated. The chance for another brief encounter came at the cinema for the midnight showing of the film, when again the four Belfast fans chatted with Pat before they all took their respective seats in the cinema.


Highlights of the Convention must include, Darren's boa losing most of it's feathers around the hotel {don't ask!}, the impromptu floorshow by the attendees when the programme went a little awry,  meeting the Japanese fans, Saffron's tap dancing in the middle of the road outside the cinema before the midnight showing, and Richard O'Brien's first emergence as Mephistopheles Smith.


Mission accomplished, contact had been made with Belfast’s very own star of Rocky Horror, stage and screen. How many other groups of fans could claim to have one of the main stars hail from their own home town!