"What was over......"

Well that was it!

It was over!

........ but what was over?

Not the love for ‘Rocky Horror’ that was certain.

Lip Service still exists today ..... in the hearts of minds of those involved and as an umbrella name for the Northern Ireland fans who are part of ‘TimeWarp’, the UK Rocky Horror fan club. Some of Lip Service will still be found in the future at QFT watching the film, shouting the participation lines, throwing rice etc. ....... perhaps even doing impromptu performances to odd songs.

If and when the stage show returns to the Grand Opera House in the future some of Lip Service I’m sure will be found in full costume, in the front row, leading the theatre experience for the rest of the audience.

There are rumours that a couple of the cast would like to re-build a Belfast performance group .......... if they do the likely name is probably gong to be ‘Lips Inc.’ (Lips Sync! ..... get it?) but that’s another story, and not mine to tell.

Like King Arthur and his knights of the Round Table, Lip Service are not dead and gone, they simply lie dormant in the hearts and minds of each of us until the ‘Rocky’ need is great enough, then they will rise, pull out their fishnets, polish their sequins, pucker up, paint on the lippy and do the TimeWarp again!

Lip Service can still be contacted via Davy, at his home address or via the fanclub;

TimeWarp Fan Club

PO Box 4711



Or for the more technologically advanced at