: original songs & arrangements by Damien Suil-Levanne

Damien (Dee) Suil-Levanne, (un)Familiar's resident herbalist and ritual magician, is also (among many other things) a sporadically-employed actor and well-known on the live music scene in Edinburgh as a singer/songwriter.

"...never fails to astound with the depth and balanced construction of his songs... stunning romps through melody, poetry and rhythm" - Press-release for the compilation-CD Gallery, which featured works from several Edinburgh artists

"Hasn't he got a great voice, and wonderful expression? I love the timbre of his voice when he's doing The Raven... he's got such talent." - Mick Jameson

"We both agree that Damien has a lovely clear, pure voice and the CD will be perfect background music for chilling out to." - Jadeana & David Capriani


Dee mini-album: Price 6.50
This CD, simply entitled Dee, is Damien's debut album. Includes an eclectic mix of indie folk-rock, more jazzy pieces, a traditional pagan chant and settings of poems by Edgar Allen Poe - including a complete reading of The Raven. Click the album-cover to view the playlist and hear a sample song.