of Edinburgh: pagan & eclectic religious supplies; Celtic art & crafts; psychic readings etc.

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Not so much New Age as decidedly Old Age, (un)Familiar - formerly Familiar, but under new management since 2001 - is a tiny, ravishingly pretty shop in Edinburgh, Scotland. Located half undergound just behind the Greyfriars Bobby statue, and painted to resemble a grove of trees at dusk, it is so small and so easily overlooked that it is known locally as the magical disappearing and reappearing shop. Indeed, it officially doesn't exist - according to the post-code authority, there is no 19 Candlemaker Row...

Known locally as the magical disappearing and reappearing shop

(un)Familiar is also Claire Jordan and Damien Suil-Levanne (a.k.a. Dee) all of the time, and Iain Robertson and Jamie McGeoch some of the time.

Because the entire shop is smaller than an average living-room, we don't have room to carry a great range and quantity of stock. Instead, we concentrate on a small number of items of very good quality, many of them handmade, at reasonable prices. If you want to find really good Wiccan ritual equipment, Celtic carvings, rune-stones etc., you needn't trawl all round the net ploughing through pages of New Age nicknacks for them - just come straight here.

Spells made to order - if we think they're ethical!

We are also the ideal place to come for bespoke spells (provided we think they're ethical!) and seals, Tarot, clairvoyant and numerology readings, and general advice on pagan, psychic and/or magical issues. The atmosphere is friendly and free coffee is always available, so the shop doubles as an unofficial pagan social club (= amiable madhouse): although constrained (and indeed constricted) by the fact that it only takes about eight people to fill it as tight as a sardine can.

Cheapest in Edinburgh for crystals, wands and Tarot decks

Our crystals, wands and Tarot decks are probably the cheapest in Edinburgh (e.g. we charge 48 for the same wands which other shops are selling for 90!). Many of our items are available nowhere else in Scotland, and a few are available nowhere else in the world. In particular, we seem to be the only place on the net, and probably the only place in the world, which sells Pictish rune-stones - as well as Norse Futhark and Old English or Anglo-Saxon Futhorc runes. So far as I know we are also the only place outside the U.S.A. which makes pure bayberry wax candles. We expect shortly to be the only place in the world selling our own designs of I Ching dice and of portable Wiccan alters.

We also sell sachets of herbs and resins commonly used in pagan rituals (including Dragon's Blood resin), and of rock incense. Many are things such as maidenhair and clary sage which are difficult to obtain in the UK; others may be available elsewhere, but can normally only be obtained in what may be inconveniently large and therefore expensive quantities.