Pros & Cons

This section is for the benefit of anyone who thinks Eric's friends were naïf to believe his version of events - or who wants to consider the evidence for and against Eric in depth (insofar as there was any evidence against - which wasn't far at all).

Some of Eric's friends feel that it's better not to talk about the accusations against Eric, but instead to concentrate exclusively on the abuse he suffered etc., because that was what was important and the accusations were really just air and nonsense.

Unfortunately, however, a lot of people vaguely remember that Eric was accused of "something to do with child pornography" and still don't know that this was dumped on him by his abusers - and many people believe the myth that abuse victims are very likely to become abusers themselves. Consequently, just telling people that Eric was terribly abused is, if anything, more likely to make them believe he was a paedophile - to make them think "Oh, well, that explains it" - even if they feel sorry for him.

Also, we who knew and loved him can say "We know he just wasn't that type" and that the idea of Eric as a child abuser is farcical - but people who didn't know him are liable to reply "They all say that". Therefore, I personally feel it's useful to look at why the evidence, as well as the private knowledge of his friends, shows that it's extremely unlikely Eric was guilty of anything except being terrified out of his mind by his abusers.

The evidence of character

general background regarding e.g. Eric's known behaviour patterns


The evidence of evidence

specific consideration of items covered by the court-case etc.


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