This website entitled "Theatre of Cruelty", which tells the true story of "Wee Burney" actor Eric Cullen, contains several sections. Many are lengthy and detailed examinations of particular aspects of the story, e.g. the behaviour of the press and police, and are intended for readers with a special interest in those areas.
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Anyone who just wants the basics of the story should start with The Curious Case of the Clown Persecution Service, and perhaps A Dramatic Life and the summary at the end of Quis Custodiet Custodes?, which sets out the bizarre and suspect behaviour of Strathclyde Police and their continuing refusal to act against a known serial rapist preying on children in the Glasgow area.

Introduction to Theatre of Cruelty website
Notes on the purpose and structure of the website, with very brief summary of "the Eric Cullen story"

The Curious Case of the Clown Persecution Service
The basic story: what really did happen to "Wee Burney", and what Wee Burney really did - and didn't - do

Bulletin Board
Note of recent developments in the story (if any), relevant new-items etc.

In His Own Write
Some relevant interviews given by Eric Cullen himself

Pros & Cons
An examination of the evidence: reasons for believing Eric's version of events

Eric as himself - his personality and behaviour

Rab C Nesbitt
A brief description of the show for the benefit of the uninitiated

A Dramatic Life
Eric Cullen's career and his performance as Wee Burney, with list of his main stage and TV appearances

Pressed to Death
The rôle of the British tabloids in the "Wee Burney" story, and the pro-active response (not) of the Press Complaints Commission - a long, detailed analysis, mainly intended for Media Studies types

Quis Custodiet Custodes?
The rôle of Strathclyde Police in the "Wee Burney" case - corrupt or merely incompetent?

An explanation of what my own rôle in "the Wee Burney story" was

An Apology By Proxy...
to those other victims of abuse who wrote to Eric for advice - and never got any

Some poetry of my own about Eric (not cringe-inducing: I've won some reasonably prestigious awards!). I hope to be able to include some of Eric's own poetry at a later date.

A Matter of Opinion
A selection of readers' comments.


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