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156438 at Manchester Oxford Rd. 12.Dec.2007

Northern's 156438 at Manchester Oxford Road. 12.December.2007

Photo: Tom Dennett

List of all 156s to carry Northern Livery (version 3)

30 units 156.461,469 (angled)
First 156.461 (May 2005)
Last -

Description of Northern Livery (version 3)

Northern Rail have been experimenting with different colour arrangements before deciding on a final livery.

Newton Heath unit 156.461 appeared in the third version of Northern livery in May 2005 when it was outshopped from Doncaster Wabtec after a C6 overhaul.

This saw the white areas used on the second version replaced by indigo blue, and the upsweep and doors are now white.

The lilac area on the mid body side is to be used for promotional vinyls.

156461 at Irlam, 12.May.05

156.461 photographed at Irlam with a Liverpool - Manchester Oxford Road service on May 12, 2005.

Full yellow cab ends are carried, with black painted window frames, the same arrangement as version 2.

At this time the unit carried no branding.

156469 at Middlesbrough, 17.Dec.05

The second 156 painted was Heaton's 156469. The lilac part of the livery is overlaid with images to celebrate the 1st anniversary of the Sheffield - Leeds fast service.

The left handside of each carriage features images of Leeds.

156469 is seen at Middlesbrough on 17.Dec.2005, on a Darlington - Saltburn service.

156469 at Middlesbrough, 17.Dec.05

The right handside of 156469 features images of Sheffield.

Unlike 156461, this unit has yellow painted cab window frames.

There are yellow squares around the door buttons, but the door steps have not been picked out.

More photos here.

156469 at Middlesbrough, 17.Dec.05

The solebars and inner ends of 156469 are mid-grey

Vehicle numbers are applied in white at the extreme ends of each coach.

The unit carries northern branding in white and lilac.

156461 at Manchester Oxford Road, 04.Feb.06

156.461 at Manchester Oxford Road, with a Liverpool - Manchester Airport service on 04 February 2006.

The Northern branding and web site address were added in the last week of January 2006.

In August 2006 this unit received Promotional vinyls.

Photo: Rob Knight

156484 at Huddersfield, 12.May.07

The third 156 painted, 156484, received a revised livery, previously applied to class 158 units.

This features a curved upsweep, and the lilac colour appears more purple in hue.

This unit has images promoting the Settle and Carlisle railway. More photos here.

156484 is seen at Huddersfield on 12th May 2007, waiting to depart to Manchester Victoria.

revised Northern logo on 156484, May-2007

The revised livery also has an amended logo.

The 'N' symbol is now light blue and purple and is outlined in white. Northern looses its underlining.