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Orange 156508 at Glasgow Central 18.Aug.97

156.508 arriving at Glasgow Central, August 18, 1997.

Photo: Ross Aitken

List of all 156s to carry Strathclyde Transport livery

14 units 156.501,502,503,504,505,506,507,508,509,510,
First 156.501 (May 1989)
Last 156.503 (January 2000)

Description of Strathclyde Transport livery

The final 14 units built were funded by Strathclyde PTE and painted in the striking orange and black Strathclyde Transport livery.

This livery first appeared on mainline trains in 1983 and was applied to several classes of Electric Multiple Units as well as a number of first generation DMUs.

Over the years there have been several variations to the basic scheme, as illustrated below.

The last class 156 unit to retain these colours was 156.503, which was repainted into SPT Carmine and Cream livery in March 2000.

156.514 at Kilmarnock 1991

Last built 156.514 stands at Kilmarnock in 1991.

The main colour was officially known as Strathclyde Red.

Strathclyde Transport branding is applied to the centre of each car, and a black British Rail symbol edged in white is carried towards the cab ends.

Photo: John Hall

Strathclyde Transport logo

The original Strathclyde Transport branding, which incorporates the Strathclyde Regional Council emblem.

156.511 at Slateford 1998

By 1996, a large ScotRail 'swoosh' emblem has replaced the British Rail symbol, with a smaller version on the cab front

Other additions are fluorescent yellow squares around the door buttons, and yellow stepboards

156.511 arrives at Slateford with a Glasgow Central - Edinburgh service 20.February.1998

Photo: Ross Aitken

Strathclyde Passenger Transport logo

Strathclyde Region was abolished in 1996 and a new PTA consisting of representantives from 12 local councils was formed to oversee the PTE. With this change, the name SPT was adopted and a new logo introduced.

156.507 at Carlisle 1997

This new SPT logo appeared on 156s from January 1997 onwards.

156.507 at Carlisle 23.Aug.1997.

A large version of the logo covers the previous branding on the centre of the body side.

Photo: Ross Aitken

156.502 at Edinburgh 1999

Position and size of the SPT logos varied, with later applications using a smaller logo.

156.502 at Edinburgh 04.Jun.1999.

In the top pane of the secondman's window is a yellow 'NL' car sticker, a reminder of this unit's visit to Utrecht in 1989.

Photo: Chris Tolley