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156402 'Anglia In Bloom' at Norwich, 29.July.06

The unique white 156402 laterly carried 'Anglia in Bloom' branding.

It is seen at departing Norwich on July 29, 2006.

156402 has since had an all over advertising livery applied.

The unit has been part of the 'one railway' fleet since January 2005.

Photo: Jon Bradley

List of all 156s to carry white livery

1 unit 156.402 (July.2003 until June.2007)

Description of white livery

156.402 was the first of the Central Trains fleet to a receive C6 overhaul at Wabtec Doncaster, entering the works in April 2003.

At the time it was proposed that Central Trains would exchange its fleet of 20 class 156 units for a similar number of ScotRail Class 158 units. Both train fleets are owned by Porterbrook, and both train operating companies were owned by National Express Group.

The reasoning behind the move was that Central was using its class 156s to stand in for 90mph air-conditioned 158s on long distance routes, whilst ScotRail was using many of its class 158's on local duties in Central Scotland, where the higher maximum speed was not fully utilised.

However the moved was blocked by the Scottish Executive, funders of the ScotRail franchise, because they regarded the swap as poor value.

With the proposed transfer to ScotRail still under negotiation, 156.402 was painted by Wabtec in white, the base colour of the ScotRail livery, with purple roof and doors. When overhaul was completed in the first week of July, the set was returned to Central Trains in this incomplete livery.

Coincidently the same colour scheme has been used on Porterbrook class 170 'Turbostars' when no TOC livery has been specified.

156402 was transferred from Central Trains to 'one' in January 2005, and now works branch-lines in East Anglia.

156402 Derby 22-July-03

156.402 is seen at Derby on 22 July 2003 with a service to Matlock.

Plain white is relieved only by the purple roof, doors and mandatory warning yellow cab ends

156402 Derby 22-July-03

What was once the toilet window is now painted white.

Even the solebars on this unit have been painted white (on ScotRail units they are black).

156402 Derby 22-July-03

The non-cab ends of each car are painted purple.

Vehicle numbers are also purple.

The stepboards are painted yellow.

156402 Derby 22-July-03

Warning yellow has been applied to the full width of the cab front.

Window frames are also yellow, as per ScotRail units.

Both cab ends have yellow plastic gangway covers.

Cab front hand rails are purple.

156402 at Great Yarmouth, 24.Mar.05

156402 was transferred to 'one railway' in January 2005.

The work stained unit is seen at Great Yarmouth waiting to depart to Norwich on March 24, 2005.

Photo: Darren J.

one 156402 at Norwich, 01.June.05

The unit later had black 'one' branding applied.

It is seen at Norwich on June 1, 2005.

Photo: Top Can

156402 'Anglia in Bloom sponsored by ONE', 25.July.06

One Railway are main sponsors of 'Anglia in Bloom', and promotional branding was applied to the right hand side of each car on July 25, 2006

There are also red, blue and yellow flowers over the bodysides of both cars.

Photo: Top Can