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Viktor Lutze was a Nazi SA officer

Viktor Lutze (December 28, 1890-May 2, 1943) was an SA officer (Obergruppenführer) in Nazi Germany.

He joined the German Army in 1912 and fought during World War I, where he lost his left eye. After the war, Lutze joined the police force. He was a member of the National Socialist German Workers Party (Nazi Party) and the Prussian State Council. He was appointed police president of Hanover in 1933.

His participation in the Night of the Long Knives was very important, as it was he who informed Adolf Hitler about Ernst Röhm's anti-regime activities. After the purge he succeeded Röhm as Stabschef SA, but after the Night of the Long Knives, the SA no longer had as prominent a role as it did in the early days of the party. He maintained his position till his death in a car accident. (Rumors have persisted that he was in fact assassinated when his car was ambushed by partisans.)

The esteem in which he was held is indicated by the fact that Hitler ordered a lavish state funeral for him in the Reich Chancellery and attended in person, something he rarely did at that stage in the war. He was posthumously awarded the Highest Grade of the German Order by Adolf Hitler.

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