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Nazi history really took place between 1933 and 1945. Adolf Hitler and the Nazis made little impact before these years.
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Hitler led the Nazis - the Nazi party and the Third Reich.

Nazi Adolf Hitler Profile. Nazi Revolution In Britain. New fascist government takes control. Read the stunning new novel if you dare! SAS Style Book. Action-packed. When normal law breaks down - Jonny Davies is sent in!

Nazis Latest: 1st SS Division Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler.

Nazi Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler, (LSSAH) founded in September 1933 was the leader of Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler's personal Bodyguard Regiment ("Leibstandarte" being a somewhat archaic German expression for the personal bodyguard of a military leader Adolf Hitler). In 1939 the LSSAH became a separate unit of the Nazi Waffen-SS aside the SS-TV and the SS-VT.

The LSSAH independently participated in combat during the Invasion of Poland. Elements of the LSSAH later joined the SS-VT prior to Operation Barbarossa in 1941 and by the end of World War II they had been increased in size from a regiment to a Panzer division. More about the Nazis: Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler.

Nazis: Evil Personified.

Stars scattered about the universe.

Nazis The Nazi Germany Archives, is a website designed to give the surfer an insight into the evil history of Adolf Hitler, and the Nazi Party, who governed Nazi Germany from 1933 to 1945. This website about the Nazis is not intended to support, justify or promote the cause of Nazism, or the fascist dictaorship of the Nazi leader Adolf Hitler. Quite the contrary. Our intention is to offer an impartial insight into what took place in Nazi Germany during those fascist years. We hope that in some small way, these pages about the Nazis, and Germany under Nazi control, will become a reference to the principles of Nazi history: no more! no less! At no point will we offer our personal view of the Nazi years, or try to skew or omit information about the Nazi period. We will tell it about the Nazis straight; you make-up your own mind. However, as with any historical events, one can only understand what made the Nazis what they were, from an accurate stance. You might not like the Nazis involved with the Nazi party, the Nazis actions or the Nazi intentions. But to comprehend why the Nazis did what they did, you need to hear it in their own words. Thus, we shall quote where possible, and use eye-witness account where not. We hope you enjoy the dark nature of this Nazi subject matter, and learn what happens when history takes some unpredictable twists.

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Nazis Extras...

Nazis and the Eugenics programme. Nazis and the Eugenics Programme.
Nazi eugenics pertains to Nazi Germany's race based social policies.
Nazis believed in the Holy Grail. Nazis and the Occult.
Nazi occultism is an occult undercurrent of Nazism, of minor overall importance.
Nazis experimenting on jews at concentration camp. Nazis Human Experimentaion.
Nazi human experimentation was medical experimentation on large numbers of people.
Nazi architecture. Nazis Architecture.
Nazi architecture was an integral part of the Nazis plans to create a cultural Germany.
Nazis developed theories about different races. Nazis and Race.
Nazis developed several theories concerning different races.
Nazi propaganda poster aimed at slandering Jews. Nazis and the Jewish Question.
Jewish question referred to the question of the Jews to integrate within Western Europe.

Significant Nazi Events...

  • The Eastern Front of World War II was a theatre of war between the European Axis powers, Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Croatia and Finland (not an Axis member), and the Soviet Union which encompassed central and eastern Europe from 22 June 1941 to 9 May 1945.

  • World War I, also known as The First World War, The Great War and "The War To End All Wars," was a global military conflict which took place primarily in Europe between 1914 and 1918. More than nine million soldiers and civilians died. The conflict had a decisive impact on the history of the 20th century. The birth of the Nazis can be found in the ashes of WWI.

  • World War II was a worldwide military conflict; the amalgamation of two separate conflicts, one beginning in Asia, 1937, as the Second Sino-Japanese War and the other beginning in Europe, 1939, with the invasion of Poland. It is regarded as the historical successor to World War I

  • The political turning point for Adolf Hitler came when the Great Depression hit Germany in 1930. The Weimar Republic had never been firmly rooted and was openly opposed by right-wing conservatives (including monarchists), Communists and the Nazis. As the parties loyal to the democratic, parliamentary republic found themselves unable to agree on counter-measures, their Grand Coalition broke up and was replaced by a minority cabinet.

Nazis and the Holocaust...

Nazis selecting jews at Nazi concentration camp Birkenau.

  • The Holocaust, is the term used to describe the killing of approximately six million Jews.
  • Auschwitz was the largest of the German Nazi concentration and extermination camps.
  • Belzec (approximate Polish pronunciation bew-zhets) was the first of the Nazi German extermination camps.
  • Treblinka II was a Nazi extermination camp in occupied Poland during World War II. Around 750,000 Jews were murdered there.
  • Prior to and during World War II, Nazi Germany maintained concentration camps (Konzentrationslager, abbreviated KZ or KL) throughout the territories it controlled.
  • Extermination camps were one type of facility that Nazi Germany built during World War II for systematic killing.
nazis rallies. Nazis Pogrom. nazis hitler youth.
nazis war ensign. nazis in battle-01. nazis war crime trial.
nazis deportation of jews. nazis concentration camps 0 adolf hitler war.

Nazism and religion.


Many Nazi leaders subscribed either to a mixture of then modern scientific theories, as Hitler himself did, or to mysticism and occultism, which was especially strong in the SS. Central to both groupings was the belief in Germanic (white Northern-european) racial superiority. The existence of a Ministry of Church Affairs, instituted in 1935 and headed by Hanns Kerrl, was hardly recognized by ideologists such as Alfred Rosenberg or by other political decision-makers... More about the Nazism and religion.

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