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REMEMBER: ** Membership renewal due from 1st August 2005 **

International Relf Society
The International Relf Society

The International Relf Society founded in 1990,

is affiliated to the Federation of Family History Societies ,

and The Guild of One Name Studies.

The objectives of the Society are to:

a. Maintain an association of those interested in the origin, history, dispersion, and development of the name RELF and its variants.

b. Promote the preservation, security and accessibility of relevant public, and private archival material.

c. Foster the study of RELF genealogy, etymology, biography and related topics.

d. Publish research findings and other related information in the Society magazine, or other appropriate media.

The full constitution of the Society can be read here

Currently RELFE, REALF, RIULF, RELPH are the main variants accepted.
RALPH is often a derivative but it and ROLPH/ROLF(E) also have separate derivations and are often confused with RELF variants. We therefore monitor all these names.

The Society has a representation with the Guild of One Name Studies and is a member of the Federation of Family History Societies.

While this web page shows mainly Family History interests the Society does have information on some family names that are not included here.

Details of the 2005 AGM and reunion now available.

Pictures of the 2004 Reunion and AGM now be found in the Members Area of the website.

The Membership / Renewal Application Form is now available online! To download it please click

Pack Howls - Let's have 'em!

The Wolfpack is published in January, April, July, October. Copy should be in the hands of the Editor by the middle of the month prior to publication. Please, whenever possible submit text via Email. If that is not possible, then clearly typed on plain paper suitable for electronic character recognition(OCR).

The primary intention of the Web site is initially to spread the 'RELF' word and encourage new members.

We are hoping that the membership will give us feedback as to which way we go. This is our first attempt and we can develop the website to our requirements subject to technical restraints.

For those who having once visited the site - be sure to check back from time to time as the site should be updated on a regular basis.

The Society does not guarantee 100% accuracy of linkages between individuals in these pages. Some need confirmation, and we would welcome any further information, or points where others may disagree.
Remember, never believe anyone else's information without checking it for yourself.

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Pages last updated 02 August 2005.

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If you have any comments or queries on this Website please contact James Relf

© International Relf Society .

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