British English (en-GB) Language Packs for Firefox

For Firefox 1.0 and later, releases of the British English localisation are handled by

On this page you can install British English language packs for Firebird 0.7 and Firefox 0.8.

Download and Installation Instructions

Ensure you know which version of Mozilla Firefox/Firebird you are using - use the "Help | About Mozilla Firefox" menu command, or type about: into the address bar.

If you are running GNU/Linux, install this pack as root / system administrator.

XPI for the Current Firefox Release:

To use the "Install XPI" links, Javascript must be enabled—it is by default. (If not, from the Tools menu, select Options; then expand the Web Features section and check the Enable JavaScript box).

Advanced users may wish to "Download XPI".

Version Install XPI Download XPI (for advanced users)
from (eu.) from this site from (eu.) from this site
Mozilla Firefox 0.8 (116 kB) Click here. Click here. Right-click here. Right-click here.
Mozilla Firebird 0.7 (122 kB) Click here. Click here. Right-click here. Right-click here.

Follow the on-screen prompts to install.

Post-install instructions

After installing the pack, you must tell Firefox to use it.

About this language pack

Mozilla Firefox is the slimline sibling of the Mozilla Suite, designed for the non-technical end-user who just wants a browser (and furthermore, one that just Does The Right Thing).


Firefox 0.8

Change of name, a fair few differences from 0.7 structurally. I'd missed a "filling out" in 0.7.

(2004-Mar-02) Bother. And a "Save link to Disk" in the 0.8 pack released in February.

Firebird 0.7

First release, based vaguely on the pack for Mozilla 1.5. There are few similarities under the bonnet.

What I’ve used:

To Do:

Testing for bugs, speeling mistooks and remaining Americanisms on all platforms; keeping pace with the new releases of Firefox; pack for Thunderbird.

How you can help:

Email me if you spot any errors: moz_en-gb<AT>tyndall<DOT>org<DOT>uk - that’s not a clickable link, but an obfuscated mailto: link using Javascript is available in the page footer - just click on my name, and as long as you have a Javascript-enabled browser, you should be able to contact me. The obfuscation code is freely available from [ Jim Tucek’s website ].

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