The latest British English (en-GB) language pack for Thunderbird

As with Firefox, British English Thunderbird releases are handled by



Well, Thunderbird's got its locales in CVS now as well. There's also (on the TB "start" page) a single-click link to install the British English dictionary, as well as the link to


Well, it was a long time coming. Sorry. I was expecting Thunderbird 1.0 to follow in Firefox's footsteps and have the locales kept in CVS, with builds produced by – a common misconception amongst localisers. Then the release date of 1.0 caught me unawares. And I've got this pain in all the diodes down my left side...

Ahem. Now for the bad news. Licensing issues mean that I can't bundle the current British English dictionary with any build to be hosted by, since the dictionary's released under the LGPL; m.o binaries are released under (I think) an MPL/NPL/LGPL tri-license. Ho hum. If you've kept the "start page" as the default, you'll see a link to the dictionary download page at mozdev.

Also, when and if Thunderbird 1.0.1 is released, this language pack will work with it (security updates never have to rely on localisers).


Tweaked this page to allow left-clickers a second chance (Mozilla behaves differently on remote sites compared to local ones; and Firefox and IE both behave in the same different way to Mozilla with respect to scripted changes to elements in local pages). In retrospect, I suppose I should have taken more heed of all the usability studies which say that users don't read instructions and get rid of dialogue boxes as quickly as possible. Pfeh.


Added Mac-specific files to the 0.6 language pack.

0.6 (2004-May-09)

First public release. The Anglicisation follows the same idea as for the Suite and Firefox. Not much has changed since 0.5 (bundling the pack for 0.5 got away from me, so it never got a release); the extension mechanism in 0.6 makes it as easy as the other products. A full installer for Windows is just waiting to be uploaded over a fatter pipe than the 28.8 modem here; this should happen in the next few days.

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Email me if you spot any errors: moz_en-gb<AT>tyndall<DOT>org<DOT>uk - that’s not a clickable link, but an obfuscated mailto: link using Javascript is available in the page footer - just click on my name, and as long as you have a Javascript-enabled browser, you should be able to contact me. The obfuscation code is freely available from [ Jim Tucek’s website ].

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