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Otto Wagener Adolf Hitler's economic adviser

Otto Wagener was a German major general and Adolf Hitler's economic adviser
Otto Wagener was a German major general and Adolf Hitler's economic adviser

Otto Wagener (29 April 1888 in Durlach-9 August 1971 in Chieming) was a German major general and Adolf Hitler's economic adviser.

The industrialist's son graduated from Gymnasium and then became an army officer. In 1916 during the First World War, Wagener was promoted to the General Staff.

After the war, Wagener was involved in the planning of an attack against the city of Posen (now Poznan, in Poland), but had to flee to the Baltic countries to avoid arrest. There he merged all Freikorps associations into the German Legion, and assumed leadership after its leader, Paul Siewert, was murdered. After returning to Germany, he was active in Freikorps in Upper Silesia, Saxony, and the Ruhr area.

From 1920 he studied economics, and managed to broaden his knowledge by traveling abroad.

In 1923, Wagener joined the SA, and in 1929 also became a member of the Nazi Party.

He functioned as SA Chief of Staff from October 1929 until December 1930, and in 1933-1934 he became a member of the Reichstag.

In January 1931, Wagener led the Political-economic Department of the NSDAP, and in September 1932, he was appointed the Führer's personal economic adviser. Hitler appointed him Reich Commissar for the Economy from April to June 1933.

Internal conflicts led to legal proceedings against Wagener in 1933-1934 in a case brought before the Party Tribunal. After the so-called Night of the Long Knives, Wagener was even detained for a short time. Nevertheless, he was rehabilitated, and he went back into the army.

In the Second World War, Wagener served at the front, rising to the rank of major general and division commander.

After the war, Wagener found himself first in British and later, from 1947 to 1952, Italian prisoner of war camps.

In 1946, Otto Wagener wrote his memoirs about Hitler and the Nazi Party's early history, entitled Hitler aus nächster Nähe. His work was not published until six years after his death, in 1977.

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