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National Express East Anglia (NXEA) was previously known as 'one', from the start of its franchise in April 2004 until February 2008.

During the first half of 2005, 'one' swapped its fleet of Class 150 units for 9 class 156s from Central Trains for use on branch lines in East Anglia.

Class 156 units had previously operated on these routes from 1992 until 1994, when they were replaced by the class 150s in the run up to privatisation of British Rail.

The first class 156 to be reallocated to Norwich was white 156402, on January 27, 2005, and it started in passenger service on February 8.

156419, nxea livery at Norwich. 10.Mar.08

156419, the first of the class in National Express livery, is seen at Norwich on on, 10-March-2008.

Photo:Top Can

156422, one livery at Norwich. 22.Mar.05

156422, the first of the class in 'one' livery, is seen at Norwich on its first day in service with 'one', 21-March-2005.

Photo:Top Can

156419 and 170202. Lowestoft 25.May.05

156419, Central trains green livery with 'one' branding, about to depart Lowestoft with a service to Norwich, on May 25, 2005

Behind it is 170202 forming a Lowestoft - London Liverpool St train.

Most of the services between Lowestoft and Ipswich continue to London and are worked by class 170s.

156407 at Norwich, 28.July.2006

156407 seen at Norwich on July 28, 2007, was one of three to receive promotional branding.

Since October 2005, one has applied labels to identify which car has disabled person's accomodation or bicycle space.

The labels are above the secondman's cab window, and above the handrail between the door and cabside windows.

old wheelchair stickerold bike stickernew wheelchair stickernew bike/pram sticker

The '52xxx' cars have 'wheelchair' labels, and the '57xxx' cars have 'bike' labels.

Originally the lables were both square, white on orange, with only the wheelchair label on the cab front. From mid 2007, circular blue 'bike and pram' lables were used on the '57xxx' cars.

Interior of 156418, 25.May.05

Before entering traffic with 'one', the seat covers have been exchanged for 'Anglia' turquoise and yellow spot moquette previously fitted in the departing class 150 units.

Interior of 156417, 25.July.07

New seat covers and aisle carpets were later fitted to the fleet.

156416 was the first, at the end of June 2006, with other units being treated during 2007.

The final unit to be refited was 156419 in March 2008, for its launch in NXEA livery.

Photo: Top Can

Wheel chair ramp in 156402, 01.June.07 Another change is storing the wheel-chair ramps next to the toilet, rather than in one of the inner-end vstibule cupboards.


Units (Central Trains scheme) Seating Capacity DMS(A) details DMS(B) details
148 seats 72 Standard seats,
luggage stack,
76 Standard seats,
luggage van with parcel shelf

Allocation and Duties

Norwich Crown Point (NC) 9 Porterbrook units

The nine units work the following routes (along with single car class 153 units):

The fleet is permanently equiped for use on the RETB signalled Ipswich Lowestoft route.

one Class 156 diagrams  

Fleet List

UnitDate to NCLiveryremarks
156.40227.Jan.05(white) +AdvertChapelfield advert
156.40710.May.05(CT Green) +'one''Wherry Lines' promo
156.40927.Apr.05(Express) +'one' 
156.41207.Apr.05CT Green 
156.41622.Jun.05'one'named 'Saint Edmund'
156.41728.Apr.05'one''Bittern Lines' promo
156.41811.Apr.05CT Green 
156.41924.Feb.05(CT Green) + NX 
156.42214.Mar.05'one''East Suffolk Lines' promo

  + Repainted after transfer to NC.