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Kenpo / Self Defence FAQs
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Kenpo Karate Comments

Who developed Kenpo Karate ?

Mr Ed Parker developed Kenpo Karate and there have been many great students such as Elvis Presley that have trained with Mr Parker


Can I train without having to join the Kenpo Club ?

Yes, but you will pay more for classes. The benefit of becoming a member is that each class is cheaper and you have the privilege to grade and attend Kenpo Tournament overseas not too mention that a member of the Kenpo club carries with it a high level of respect from alternative Martial Arts

Self Defence  
What is the difference between Karate and Self Defence

Kenpo Karate is based on a strict syllabus designed by Mr Parker. This encourages students to develop personal skills and work their way through the belt grading system.
Personal Safety classes offer you the opportunity to learn general skills and review our everyday movements to reduce the chance of becoming a victim of crime. The emphasis is placed on awareness of the situation before it happens, taking preventative steps before it is too late

Do you run full day courses for groups ?

Yes, full day courses are available for group,s up to 12 people.
Charges are based on location but pretty much everything in the five week course is included in the day course

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