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Kenpo Karate Instructors

Miss Diane Wheeler (5th Degree Black Belt)
Miss Wheeler learnt Ed Parker's Kenpo Karate in Plymouth 1979,
Miss Wheeler continued training with instructors
Roy McDonald and Graham Lelliot in Jersey, Channel Isles,
where Miss Wheeler successfully completed 1st degree
Black Belt in 1984 under examination by Rainer Schulte
(Germany) and Larry Tatum (USA).
In 1987 Miss Wheeler moved to London and was the first International Kenpo Karate Association (IKKA) Black Belt Instructor to open a Karate Club in the city. Miss Wheeler successfully graded to 4th Degree Black Belt in 1999 and is currently a representative for England and the highest
female ranking IKK Black belt in Europe.
2006 Miss Wheeler graded to 5th Degree in Holland at the 2006 International Karate Championships.

Mr Adam Winkler (3rd Degree Black Belt)

Mr Winkler has twenty years experience of martial arts.
Mr Winkler studied under Mr Norman Langton, Black Belt Aikido
Instructor. He spent three years training techniques and sparring ideas. What originally was intended as a fitness and confidence idea became an important aspect of Mr Winklers life where he then chose to dedicate himself to the art of Kenpo.

In 1990 Mr Winkler joined the Kenpo Karate club based at St George’s, University of London.. This was to be a difficult period
following the sudden death of Master Ed Parker. However,
training under instructors Diane Wheeler, Martin Wheeler and
Mark Whaldron, Mr Winkler studied hard to grasp the concepts of
the Kenpo system and the theory that develops through general progressionof the ranks.

2000 - Mr Winkler began to study with the British Self Defence
Governing Body. It was very different to martial arts. The course
involved the study of confrontation, environment, verbal and
non-verbal communication. Mr Winkler developed courses for women
to attend regarding personal safety. He is currently studying the
Advanced Certificate Module and details are available on this
site regarding class information. The same year Mr Winkler attended
the International Kenpo Karate Association Tournament in
Madrid undertaking a grading for 1st Dan Black Belt level
under a panel of ten senior Kenpo members from around the
world. Holland in 2006, Mr Winkler is awarded 3rd Degree in Kenpo Karate. Click here to download CV.

Mr Pat Hunt (1st Degree Black Belt)
Mr Hunt joined the club in 1990 alongside Mr Winkler. Mr Hunt is an excellent sparring partner and teache's students with a great enthusiasm that is important in new instructors. It is a pleasure to have Mr Hunt as 1st Degree Black Belt as a member of the London club.


Miss Diane Wheeler


Mr Adam Winkler


Mr Pat Hunt

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