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Kenpo Karate Video Clips

Spiraling Twigs
Mr Woods and Mr Ell go through this technique.
Grabbing from behind, the idea is to strike before the attacker has the chance to get the grab on and lift. Striking to the knuckles should create a disturbance on the attacker and allow Mr Woods to carry through the rest of the technique. click here (804k)

Parting of the Snakes

I love this technique but requires good work from both attackers, Mr Woods & Mr Ell. I like these moves as the attack is close in and you can drop straight down into a low neutral, striking to the groin of the front attacker. The rest as they say is simply a case of going through the moves. click here (676k)

Piercing Lance
Good technique involving a high knife attack. The importance lies in the defence against the knife. There is no point going through the rest of the moves if the wrist has been cut open. It is imperative to ensure the correct defence against such dangerous weapons. click here (659k)

Fatal Deviation
Good technique demonstrated by Miss Diane Wheeler. If you listen carefully you can hear the strikes made on Mr Ell. The attack is a step through right and left punch. First idea is to defend against both strikes then move forward for the attack. click here (528k)

Circling Wing
Great technique, the attack comes from behind (obscured zone) and its a grab to the shoulder. This one really flows well, using circular movements to manipulate the attacker. From the poke in the eyes to the hammer fist groin strike - great technique, hope you like it. click here (496k)

Destructive Twins
Another smart technique from the syllabus. The attack is a double grab at the collar - pulling inwards. First move is massive, double punch strikes, very devastating. The technique then flows well from the forward bow stance into the neutral stance finishing the technique with a good solid horizontal punch to the left ribs. click here (804k)


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