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Kenpo Karate News

September 22nd 2011
We wish to thank Mr Wedlake for his class during his stop over in London. It was great to see so many skilled students attend for the event.
Mr Wedlake discussed aspects of the Kenpo system and Mr Parker, breakdown of techniques and adaptation.
W e were all very excited and really enjoyed meeting everyone.

September 2011

We look forward to welcoming Mr Wedlake to our studios on the 22nd September 2011. I am sure there will be many questions asked by students regarding the Kenpo system. Please feel free to enquire about this event in London.

June 2011
Congratulations to Wayne for successfully passing his Purple grading lately. This gut earned his belt, you could tell by the amount he was sweating. Well done Wayne

January 2011

We hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year.
The club is now open. Many thanks

December 2010

We hope everyone has a Happy Christmas and a merry New Year. All the best for 2011. Miss Wheeler wishes everyone all the best and will contact each of you to inform you when the club starts in the New Year.

Belt Grading August 2010
Congratulations to Professor Bolton who achieved the grade of Orange Belt. Tom worked very hard to prepare for this grading and all credit to him for his continual comittment in attending classes. Well done.

Belt Grading August 2009

Congratulations to Davina for reaching Brown Belt level. This is well deserved and Davina is the first female to reach this level in our club - well done.
Congratulations to Lucy for reaching and grading to Orange Belt level. Lucy has worked especially hard for this belt and we noted the dedication over the past few weeks has done her proud - Well done.

Kenpo Demonstration at St George's 14th May

The Kenpo Karate demo went realey well and credit goes to Miss Wheeler & Mr Hunt for running a fun session. Nearly twenty people turned up and it was really appreciated that Walter & Lucy came to help out.
This is such a great art and has such potential that we were all very pleased to see everyone there . We want more people top come and enjoy this style, it offers so much. We want you to enjoy what we have to offer in skills and experience and we want you to have fun. We want to hear what you have to say so offer ideas and come and tell us about what you wish to learn or past experiences. Thanks again to all involved.

Blue Belt Grading December 08

Congratulations to James for passing his Blue Belt grading in December.
James worked hard as ever to ensure he knew both techniques and theory relevant to this grade...............well done mate!

Robert Lowe Sports Centre

The sports centre is now open for training again.

Belt Gradings May 2008
Great work by James Forsyth on his grading for Purple Belt.
James has shown an inspirational effort to others on achieving this level. He demonstrated great awareness of the system and flowed extremely well with both techniques and forms, great work.

Martial Arts Illustrated May/June08

Pick up ther latest addition of this magazine . There is a great article from Master Larry Tatum.

Jersey Kenpo Karate Championships 2008

Fantastic work in Jersey on the Kenpo Championships.
Our congratulations to Mr Roy McDonalald and all those that helped to put together a fantastic championship.

Christmas News from Miss Diane Wheeler
Hi folks ,
James graded last night before Adam and I for his Orange Belt and did a very good job indeed. Well done James, it was thoroughly deserved!

Adam, Pat and I wish everybody a very happy xmas and prosperous new year. Hope to see you all around then, and perhaps a few others too! I would also like to thank Adam and Pat for all their efforts at the club throughout the past year - it's always much appreciated by me as much as by yourselves. I'd also like to thank you all, however, for supporting us - it would not be a club without you. THANKYOU!

Finally, Bryan from Liverpool, but resident in LA for years, sends his regards and best wishes too. He's a 5th Degree Black Belt in Kenpo, and may give class sometime next March if people are interested. 

Stay safe and Happy Xmas

Belt Grading(November/December 07)
Great news - Gradings took place recently and Tim graded to Yellow Belt.
Tim has studied Kenpo before at anoth club but has recently resumed the art at our South London Club. It will be good to see Tim wearing the belt in the new year, well done.
Also James Forsyth graded to Orange. A very good grading and James put in loads of work for it. It showed. James will carry these skills well as he progresses through the ranks and I fear a strong opponent is nearing!

St George's Fresher's Fayre (October 07)
A great time was had by us chatting to everyone at St George's, University of London on the 1st October. A large number of people were interested in what Kenpo had to offer. A few enquired as to the difference this style has over others and its links to Mr Parker. Thanks go to Mr Pat Hunt and James Forsyth for their help on the day. Sorry James I have not got a picture of you to put on the site.....ooops.

Budo Day 2007 (April 07)
Many thanks to Mr Ian Ferris for inviting Miss Wheeler and Adam Winkler
once again to demonstrate the Kenpo system at the yearly event.
It was very well attended and Miss Wheeler had everyone laughing with
stories of Kenpo.

Mr Wedlake (centre)

London Kenpo Club

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