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Self Defence

This site offers great ideas for self defence/personal safety skills. It is not the answer to preventing crime but can play a major role in assertiveness and understanding issues relating to safety both indoors and when you are out and about.

Self Defence or 'Personal Safety' seems one of the most important factors whilst out and about nowadays. There seems to be an ever increasing amount of crime, this does not mean you have to be the next victim. Courses in Self Defence offer you the opportunity to develop skills of awareness, highlighting and discussing your own body language, as an example, examining the way you walk, talk and look to individuals that may view you as an easy target. Understanding to recognise danger signals, taking steps to avoid danger.
I cannot emphasise how important it is to avoid these unwanted situations and confrontations. Therfore I do include some 'hands-on' defensive skills to aid you should you find yourself in a confrontational situation where there maybe no choice but too defend yourself.

The Law And You

The Law states that you have a personal right to protect yourself and your property or to act in a way as to prevent a crime being carried out on somebody other than yourself but this must be what is deemed as reasonable force.



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