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London Kenpo Karate Club (South)

London Club (South)
The London club has been based at St.George's, University of London for over twenty-five years. The club is run by Miss Diane Wheeler, 5th Degree Black Belt. Some fantastic students have trained at the club all with such great talent.

Club Members

In the past Miss Wheeler has trained some great Kenpoists such as Martin Wheeler and Mark Waldron who now train in the USA and are highly respected by many instructors. Both Mr Adam Winkler and Mr Pat Hunt have spent 20 years years studying the art. Today Mr Winkler, 3rd Degree Black Belt, and Mr Hunt, 1st Degree Black Belt, continue to study under Miss Wheeler.

Why students join the Kenpo Karate Club

Individuals points of view regarding Kenpo Karate. (Updating)

Thinking of becoming a Kenpo student?

There are some great positive steps in becoming a club member.
Confidence, strength, agility and focus, not too mention strength and fitness.......the ca be hard work but worthwhile.

Miss Diane Wheeler

Wayne's Karate Trick

Anthony & his punch skills

Prof. Bolton teaching old tricks


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