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Self Defence Courses

Options available for training.

Option 1 - Five classes, each class 1hour 30minutes.
Classes contain,at maximum, 12 students. Courses run according to availability of instructor/location.

* Class 1 - Introduction to personal safety, lets see what you know!
* Class 2 - Items of defence, recognising the signals & wrist grabs.
* Class 3 - Hands on, what if somebody does grab you!
* Class 4 - Confrontation management, floor skills, revision
* Class 5 - Review, video playbacks

*Course information may vary at times.

Option 2 Private Studio

Five private classes at Wandsworth Studio (10mins from St George's). These classes are limited to six students and may be preferred by those that have particular issues relating to personal safety.
Classes are generally held from 5.30pm - Ring for further details.

Option 3 -
Five private classes at location of your choice.
Course work as above.
Price - Dependant on location - Ring for details.

The Law And You
The Law states that you have a personal right to protect yourself and your property or to act in a way as to prevent a crime being carried out on somebody other than yourself.

Should you have any questions regarding courses or any other clubs do not hesitate to contact me - click here


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