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Adam Winkler - Self Defence Instructor

Adam Winkler has trained in Martial Arts since 1987. In Jersey 2000 Adam graded to Black Belt in Kenpo Karate. One thing Adam recognises is that this does not necessarily make him an instructor in personal safety.
A number of students that had attended the martial arts club made enquiries in regards to learning personal safety involving something more down to earth.

Adam applied for study with the British Self Defence Governing Body ( Over the next six years Adam developed course materials and took part in demonstrations of personal safety finally achieving the advanced certificate in personal safety and practical self defence in 2006. This included core modules relating to;

Management of Confrontation TM251
Theories of Personal Safety & Self-Protection TM252
Law and Legislation TM250
Teaching Adults TM253
Practical Self Protection & Control & Restraint TE351








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