The Steepwood Scandals - A Regency Series in 8 volumes from Harlequin Mills and Boon.

Thank you for visiting the Steepwood Scandal website! The Steepwood Scandal is being published in  a series of eight books, each containing two instalments each written by a top M&B Regency author. The first volume is published in November 2006.

The Scandal - In November 1811 the inhabitants of the Steepwood Abbey villages are delighting in the tastiest item of gossip in a long time - The Marquis of Sywell's wife of less than a year has disappeared... taking the family jewels with her! Meanwhile, life in the villages goes on, with others having their own stories to tell of love and romance, all of which in the end will solve the mystery of the Steepwood Scandal...

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Volume 1

Lord Ravensden's Marriage by Anne Herries

An Innocent Miss by Elizabeth Bailey

Published November 2006

Volume 2

The Reluctant Bride by Meg Alexander

A Companion of quality by Nicola Cornick

Published December 2006

Volume 3

A Most Improper Proposal by Gail Whitiker

A Noble Man by Anne Ashley   

Published January 2007

Volume 4

An Unconventional Duenna by Paula Marshall

An Unreasonable Match by Sylvia Andrew

Published Feberuary 2007

Volume 5

Counterfeit Earl by Anne Herries

The Captain's Return by Elizabeth Bailey

Published March 2007

Volume 6

The Guardian's Dilemma by Gail Whitiker

Lord Exmouth's Intentions by Anne Ashley

Published April 2007

Volume 7

Mr Rushford's Honour by Meg Alexander

An Unlikely Suitor by Nicola Cornick

Published May 2007

Volume 8

An Inescapable Match by Sylvia Andrew

The Missing Marchioness by Paula Marshall

Published June 2007